“Drone soccer from Jeonju is popular as an after-school education in the US”


The 1st World Drone Soccer Tournament held in Songdo…200 participants from 14 countries

The U.S. team participated in the 1st World Drone Soccer Tournament
The U.S. team participated in the 1st World Drone Soccer Tournament

(Jeonju = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Jin-bang = “When my attack drone beats the opponent’s defense drone and scores a goal, all the stress seems to be blown away.”

American drone soccer player Helen (17), who participated in the ‘1st World Drone Soccer Championship’, introduced the charm of drone soccer in a phone call with Yonhap News on the 22nd.

He said, “It was difficult to fly the drone at first, but I learned how to take on challenges as I learned one by one without giving up.” There is,” he said in praise of drone soccer.

Helen and five teammates participated in this competition held as a side event for the ‘2023 Korea Drone UAM (Urban Air Mobility) Expo’ held at Songdo Convensia in Incheon on the 17th and 21st.

More than 200 athletes from 14 countries participated in this event and showed off their skills.

Drone soccer is a new concept leports that combines drones and soccer, and was developed for the first time in the world in 2016 by Jeonju’s Camtic Research Institute.

In the game method, 5 players from each team compete against each other by controlling 2 attack drones and 3 defense drones.

In particular, in the United States, it is gaining popularity in ‘STEM’ (Science Technology Education Mathmatics), which is an after-school education in elementary and secondary schools, and ‘Workforce development for aviation’ in high schools.

Currently, around 150 drone soccer teams are active in Colorado and New York in the United States.

Coach Kyle Sanders, head coach of the U.S. drone soccer team, said, “We will supply drone soccer to 1,000 elementary schools, 400 middle and high schools, and 50 universities by next year.” There is a lot of potential for development,” he said.

The Camtic Institute of Technology is preparing to hold the ‘World Drone Soccer World Cup’ in 2025 by distributing drone soccer as a global item in cooperation with Jeonju City.To this end, in December last year, FIDA (Federation of International Dronesoccer Association) was formed, in which 18 countries around the world participate as members.


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