Draymond Green’s Suspension: A Blessing in Disguise for the Warriors?

Draymond Green’s Suspension: A Blessing in Disguise for the Warriors?

Introduction: For the Golden State Warriors, it was a disappointing loss of one of their most important players when Draymond Green was suspended. However, Green’s suspension may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, as the Warriors may benefit from his absence. Let’s take a look at the tough lesson learned, and the silver lining that could come from it.

A Tough Lesson: Draymond Green’s Suspension

It was a tough lesson to learn when Draymond Green was suspended from the Golden State Warriors. After a foul that he argued too vigorously with the referees, Green was forced to do without for the game. He was punished for his attitudes and actions, and it served as a learning moment for him and the entire team. While no one wants to experience such a setback, it serves as a reminder that emotions can override sound decision-making. This was a difficult lesson for the team to learn, but it will ultimately lead to a better and more disciplined team. It was also an important reminder that the Golden State Warriors need to keep their emotions in check, as they have a lot at stake. Even when mistakes are made, the team should strive to always have an open dialogue with the referees and always keep their focus on the game.

The Silver Lining: Could Green’s Absence Prove Beneficial for the Warriors?

While it was a tough lesson, the Golden State Warriors may benefit from Draymond Green’s suspension. As one of their most important players, Green is a key cog in the Warriors’ machinery. But with his absence, the other players were forced to step up and take a more active role. Stephen Curry, for example, stepped up and took more of a leadership role in the game. He was able to showcase his skills and prove to the world that he can carry the team when needed. He distributed the ball well and ended up scoring a season-high 44 points. Klay Thompson also had more of an opportunity to take the offensive load and take more of the initiative. He scored an impressive 29 points and proved that he can pick up the slack for when Green is absent. The Warriors also showcased their depth, as they had other players emerge and have a great performance. Kevon Looney and Andre Iguodala stepped up and significantly contributed, proving that they can play an important role when they are needed.


While Draymond Green’s suspension was a tough moment for the Golden State Warriors, it could prove to be a blessing in disguise. His absence forced the other players to step up and carry the load, which could be beneficial for the team in the long run. The team had an open dialogue with the referees, and the players were able to showcase their skills and talent in Green’s absence. As a result, Green’s suspension may have been a positive experience for the Warriors.

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