The Return Of Shrek In 2023: A Review

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The Shrek Franchise

The Shrek franchise has been a beloved part of the entertainment industry for nearly two decades. The first film was released in 2001 and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. Audiences fell in love with the lovable yet grumpy ogre, Shrek, and his faithful companion, Donkey.

The franchise went on to produce three more films, a spin-off movie, and numerous merchandise and theme park attractions. Despite the success of the franchise, the last Shrek film was released in 2010, leaving fans wondering if they would ever see their favorite green ogre again.

The Return of Shrek

Fast forward to 2023 and the news that fans had been waiting for finally arrived: Shrek was making a comeback. The fifth installment in the franchise, titled “Shrek: The Final Chapter,” was set to be released in the summer of 2023.

The film promised to bring back all of the beloved characters from the previous films, including Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Puss in Boots. It also introduced a new villain, an evil sorcerer named Malice, who was set on destroying the fairy tale world.

The Plot

The film picks up several years after the events of the fourth film, with Shrek and Fiona now settled into married life with their three children. However, their peaceful life is disrupted when Malice arrives and begins wreaking havoc on the fairy tale world.

Shrek and his friends must embark on a dangerous journey to stop Malice and save their world. Along the way, they encounter new allies and face difficult challenges, but they never lose sight of their ultimate goal.

The Cast

The film features the return of all the original cast members, including Mike Myers as Shrek, Cameron Diaz as Fiona, Eddie Murphy as Donkey, and Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots. John Lithgow also makes a surprise appearance as the villainous Lord Farquaad.

The Reviews

The film has received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Many praised the film for its humor, heart, and nostalgic feel. Some critics also noted that the film was a fitting end to the franchise, tying up loose ends and giving fans the closure they had been waiting for.

The Future of Shrek

While “Shrek: The Final Chapter” may be the end of the franchise, it certainly won’t be the end of the beloved character of Shrek. The franchise has left an indelible mark on pop culture and will continue to be celebrated for years to come.

Additionally, the film’s success has sparked rumors of a potential spin-off or reboot of the franchise. While nothing has been confirmed, fans are eagerly anticipating what the future holds for their favorite green ogre.


“Shrek: The Final Chapter” is a heartwarming and hilarious conclusion to a beloved franchise. It brings back all the characters and humor that fans fell in love with while also introducing new elements and challenges. The film is a must-see for any fan of the franchise or anyone looking for a fun and entertaining movie experience.

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