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By Nishtha Grover: Since time immemorial, women have been proving that they can do anything that men can, and that too, while wearing a saree. There are several videos on the internet proving that. We recently came across mind-blowing clips of Eshna Kutty dancing with hula hoops on famous Bollywood songs while wearing a saree and sneakers.
Another such video that has been doing the rounds on the internet features a woman playing a bass guitar to one of the most famous metal songs while wearing a saree.
The clip that has been leaving netizens speechless was tweeted by Sashi Wapang with the caption, “After Mohini Dey, this is another jaw-dropping Bengali lady bassist. Sea of lies by Symphony X. Bass Cover by Nilanjana Ghosh Dastidar (sic)."
After Mohini Dey, this is another jaw dropping Bengali lady bassist. Sea of lies by Symphony X. Bass Cover by Nilanjana Ghosh Dastidar — Sashi Wapang (@sashiwapang) October 4, 2020

The 40-second clip shows Nilanjana sitting on a chair with a bass guitar in her hand. She is wearing a traditional saree. As the video begins and the song starts playing in the background, Nilanjana fixes her earrings and bindi. She waits for her cue and then starts playing the bass chords of the song Sea Of Lies.
We are in awe.

What does the internet say about the video?
Twitterati loved the clip and it was viewed over 95.7k times. It also got a lot of comments and retweets. One of the users even shared the entire video from Nilanjana’s YouTube channel.
— Mitchell Mendonca (@Mitchum08) October 7, 2020

Have a look at some of the other comments:
The sari totally took it to the next level! — Sashi Wapang (@sashiwapang) October 4, 2020
whoa! now imagine a band of saree-clad women just killing it. maybe if the indian coke studio were mature enough to look beyond the mainstream stars. — TK (@santydolby) October 4, 2020
laptop has recording software
yes it is base amp — Bageshree (@vagabondX10) October 5, 2020
Just loved the attitude with which she is playing! — Radz (@Radz170920) October 5, 2020
Bomb — Holls Molls (@HolitoSwu) October 5, 2020
Oh my GOD — weeds (@weedyagarrix) October 6, 2020
Loved the way she adjusted her bindi and blown everyone away on bass. — Neel Doshi (@theendy999) October 6, 2020
What attitude before she starts playing…..uff!!! — Roy (@RoyMunkforlife) October 6, 2020
Playing SymphonyX is no joke. Just fantastic. — Venkat Natarajan (@curdricepickle) October 5, 2020
Nothing beats the Indian attire. The performance and the confidence with which she delivered it … just wow. Amazing. — Anurag Krishna (@AKrishnaCivil) October 6, 2020
gurl you are so badass omg kweennnnnn — pestopapi (@sampoop6) October 5, 2020
@AugustineMorris this is insane — Zaeen de Souza (@zaeendesouza) October 5, 2020
Sick intro riff! — Mustaq (@MustaqPA) October 6, 2020

What do you think about this video?
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