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Santo is an upcoming crime thriller series, releasing on Netflix, this week. The series is created by Carlos López (Hache, El príncipe, La embajada) and directed by Vicente Amorim (A Divisão, Romance Policial: Espinosa, Copa Hotel). It is the first Spanish fiction shot between Spain and Brazil, produced by Nostromo Pictures for Netflix.
It is a thrilling chase series where a man named Santo is the world’s most wanted drug dealer whose identity is unknown to the public. He leaves a horrific mark on his victims, yet no one has ever seen him. This suspenseful series tends to reveal the face of the enemy that lurks in the shadows.
The cast of the series includes Bruno Gagliasso as Cardona, Raúl Arévalo as Millán, Victória Guerra as Bárbara, Greta Fernández as Susi, Maarten Dannenberg as Olin Hansen, Luiz Felipe Lucas, Iñaki Mur as Guillermo Alonso, Núria Prims, Judith Fernández and María Vázquez as Arantxa.
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The official synopsis of the series reads, “Two cops on opposite sides of the Atlantic engage in a desperate hunt for a vicious international drug dealer whose face has never been revealed.” It is a thrilling crime, action, and intriguing thriller series that sometimes resembles terror. It tells the story of Santo, the world’s most-wanted drug dealer, murderer and guru whose face has never been revealed.
Two police officers who go after him, Cardona and Millán, are initially radically opposed, but they will have to learn to collaborate and understand each other in order to solve the case and stay alive. The police trace him to Madrid and chase the ghost of him, till they find a clue.
He leaves a cross mark on the eyelids of his victims and is treated more like a cult leader, with his followers who will go to any extreme for him. But it unveiled that there’s a girl named Barbara also involved, which might the reason behind his scarring actions. What is his truth, and who is right in this fight will be explored in the series.
The series is set to be released on 16th September 2022 on Netflix. Check out its trailer below.
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