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25 October 2022, 13:47
By Giorgina Ramazzotti
Robbie Williams is one of the biggest selling UK artists of all time.
And now the 48-year-old from Stoke's life story will be played out on the silver screen in a big-budget biopic entitled Better Man.
Robbie Williams and Australian filmmaker Michael Gracey, who directed the box-office smash The Greatest Showman, are in charge of the project and cast and crew are said to have descended on Melbourne, Australia to start filming.
In November 2022, Robbie fans have been given the chance to appear in the film, as Robbie films two shows at London's Royal Albert Hall for the movie.
With news that the movie is well on its way, we bring you everything you need to know about the former Take That star's film's plot, cast, soundtrack, release date and more.
The film has been billed as 'a musical fantasy' and is being filmed in the Docklands Studios in Melbourne throughout 2022.
Back in December 2021, director Michael Gracey made an official announcement that the Robbie Williams film was being made.
"To tell Robbie Williams’s beautiful, distinct story, back home, in my own city, is a dream come true," he enthused.
"There is a creative energy that burns across the Melbourne film industry, and I know this movie will thrive here."
In typical Robbie Williams style, the singer hasn't held back in revealing the ups and downs behind the making of the film.
Speaking about the biopic to fans at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena earlier this month, Robbie said: "‘The thing is about films is that it is a wonder anything gets made.
‘Everything gets held up in a bottleneck. It is always, “This person says no and this person says yes and this person is offended and this person is not offended enough.” It is agents and lawyers."
Robbie Williams is apparently set to star as himself in the new movie about his life.
The 48-year-old from Stoke will take the lead role and British actor Jonno Davies, 29, from Amazon series Hunters, will play the younger version of Robbie.
Other confirmed cast members include Australian actors Kate Mulvany, who starred in The Great Gatsby, Damon Herriman (Mr InBetween), and filmmaker-actor Anthony Hayes.
Insiders are being secretive about what will appear on the soundtrack to the Robbie Williams movie.
With smash hits including 'Angels', 'She's The One', 'Supreme', 'Feel', 'Rock DJ' and many more to choose from, producers may be struggling to reduce them down to just a few!
Speaking to Deadline in 2021, Gracey confirmed the songs will be adapted for the film.
“All Robbie’s songs will be re-sung, for the emotion of the moment,” he said.
"If he’s in the depths of despair, he’s not going to sing a song as cabaret flamboyant showmanship; it’s going to be broken, acapella, stripped down, because that’s where he is emotionally. In moments of pure joy, you’ll get songs sung in this whirlwind of hysteria.
"So essentially every song in the film, Robbie will sing, but it will be performed for the emotion of that moment, and that scene.”
There has been no official release date yet for Robbie Williams' Better Man.
However, the film, which started production in May 2022, is likely to be released at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.
Watch this space…
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