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The hitmaker is back to break records and create some more. SHAUN's latest EP #0055b7 is a masterpiece to say the least.
Well on his way to rising to the absolute top of the industry with his impactful vocals, brilliant lyricism and keen sense of musicality, is the inimitable SHAUN. After gaining worldwide recognition for his mega-hit song ‘Way Back Home’, he’s back with a double singles project titled ‘#0055b7’. This project holds one focus single, titled ‘Closed Ending’ and another single titled ‘BLUE’ featuring Wonstein.
Closed Ending starts with a beautifully ethereal melody which is underpinned throughout the entirety of the song, giving it a soft and almost otherworldly feeling. The sentiment is evident in SHAUN’s deep yet husky voice as he sets the tone for the song in seconds. This song has a similar feel to ‘Way Back Home’, not in the sense that they are sonically similar but rather that SHAUN seems to have found the formula to making music that strikes just the right chords. It feels familiar yet nothing like anything you’ve heard before. It evokes nostalgia for the old and long gone as well as hope for the new. There’s no way this song is getting out of your heads any time soon. The lyrics echo a sentiment way too familiar as he explores the lingering pain and longing after separation. SHAUN has an innate ability to touch the deepest corners of the heart with his music and it is truly a quality that deserves its own pedestal.

Just when you think you can define SHAUN’s genre of music, he undercuts the notion with a track like BLUE. Clearly, SHAUN has an eye for featuring artists because there could not have been a better addition to an already exceptional song than Wonstein. Once again, SHAUN doesn’t waste a single moment before diving right into the song. There is a steady and natural progression through the song as it passes from SHAUN to Wonstein, who adds a more youthful vibe to the otherwise mature vocals of the former. What is truly impressive about SHAUN’s music is how he incorporates varied flavours while retaining the original sound. This is exactly what resonates with listeners and keeps them hooked. It carries over the same painful tenderness of Closed Ending, delving into a similar range of feelings while expressing them through a whole new genre. There can be no comparison to how artfully SHAUN has given birth to these two wholly separate songs that make one feel the same type of way.

Overall, #0055b7 sounds like a teaser for the incredible downpour of music we’ll get from this amazing artist, hopefully soon. While it is an absolute unit in and of itself, holding a narrative together effectively and giving listeners just the right amount to have them wanting more, it is a brilliant creative decision first and foremost. We can’t wait for more music from SHAUN to take away our quarantine blues. Following this release, SHAUN plans to promote thoroughly this year with a number of collaborations planned with a wide range of K-Pop artists.
Which song from #0055b7 do you resonate with the most? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section down below!
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