Refusing To Share A Room With Haechan, These Are 7 Portraits Of ‘Akhlakless’ Renjun NCT Dream Successfully Make Melting

NCT Dream’s Renjun Was Suddenly Accused Of Being Unloved By Haechan For Refusing An Invitation To Become Roommates On YouTube Content Titled ‘7llin’ In Our Youth’.

NCT Dream is known to create YouTube content titled “7llin’ in Our Youth” to greet fans to welcome the comeback album “Glitch Mode”. In the latest episode, the members did rock-paper-scissor suits to divide their roommates.

After whistling, Haechan shared a room with Chenle . However, Haechan kept on protesting and whining for a room with Renjun . Unfortunately, Renjun refused the request because he wanted to chat with Mark Lee . As a result, Haechan sulked and accused Renjun of not loving him anymore.

Haechan and Renjun’s relationship certainly made fans entertained. Haechan’s cranky actions seem to emphasize that the two are very close and clingy like true friends, even though they often have small fights on various occasions.

Even so, Renjun and Haechan have one thing in common, namely that they have given up cycling with Jeno . The reason is, Jeno really likes this sport and subconsciously invites his teammates to ride a bicycle for long distances . Being highlighted, here are a series of portraits of Renjun who is considered “akhlakless” because he succeeded in making fans melt .

1. Visual On Point
The owner of Huang Ren Jun’s full name does have a charming handsome face. Renjun’s visual on point radiates because he loves himself and is reluctant to do plastic surgery . Not surprisingly, his handsome face is considered similar to actor Song Joong Ki .

2. Ideal Body Goals For Men And Women
Renjun has a height of about 170 cm, not too tall for a man. However, the Aries idol has a slim waist that successfully makes women jealous. He is also suspected of having toned abdominal muscles the dream of the men,

3. Golden Voice
As the main vocalist, Renjun certainly has a beautiful voice. He briefly showed off his golden vocals by singing the song “Fools” by Troyes Sivan in 2020. Renjun ‘s performance was successful in getting praise because he managed to spoil the ears of fans .

4. Idol Full Of Dedication
The singer of the song “Hot Sauce” has just entered the sixth year of his debut. Even so, Renjun has shown his dedication as a K-Pop idol. He still appeared on stage even though his eyebrows were bleeding because he didn’t want to disappoint the fans who came to see him.

5. Ever Made Microsoft Windows Melting
Visual Renjun had time to make Microsoft Windows follow-up melting . In July 2021, Windows also seemed to answer various questions from netizens who discussed Renjun ‘s good looks .

6. Thoughtful Celebrities
The idol who was born in 2000 shows his wise side. Renjun allowed fans who met at a hotpot restaurant to take pictures of his hands. The reason is, he has a birthmark on his right hand as a smart refusal to take a photo with the fan.

7. Successful Fanboy
The “We Go Up” singer can be said to be a successful fanboy. Renjun confessed that EXO was his biggest reason to become a K-Pop idol. Now, Renjun is in the same agency as his idol.

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