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BTS Yet To Come cinema tickets are on sale as the Grammy-nominated K-pop group’s Busan concert video will now be released worldwide. Take a look at the price of BTS Yet To Come cinema tickets and how to buy them across the globe.
Earlier in October 2022, the Billboard history-making South Korean group held their free-of-cost concert in Busan, where fans got to see the choreography of Bangtan’s 2022 bop, Run, BTS for the very first time. Now, the concert will be released with a special cinematic cut, re-edited, and with a new view in 4DX theaters all over the world.
The price of BTS Yet To Come cinema tickets is out but it differs based on the viewer’s region. In the US, BTS Yet To Come cinema tickets in 2D will cost around $30 while in the UK, ticket prices range from  £17.99 – £19.99 based on general or premium seats.
In the Philippines, general tickets for BTS Yet To Come movie are priced at Php 550 ($10) while Director’s Club special tickets will cost Php 700 ($12.73). In Malaysia, tickets for the BTS new movie will cost RM70/ $16 for non-MVC members and RM 65/ $14.87 for MVC membership holders.
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Ticket Price: RM65 (MVC Members)/RM70 (Non-MVC Members)

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All tickets of BTS Yet To Come cinemas are available to check from the site’s home page.
While in most countries tickets have gone on sale, Indian fans are still waiting for the sale to start. So, keep an eye on the official site to get all the details about when BTS Yet To Come cinemas tickets are going on sale.
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BTS Yet To Come cinema will be released on February 1. While the release date may get delayed based on the country, most fans will be able to watch the movie on February’s first weekend for a limited amount of time.
As per the theater sites, the movie will be 104 minutes long and will include special cinematic cuts that fans can enjoy through the 4DX screen.
BTS: Yet To Come in Cinemas

Special cinematic cut, re-edited and remixed for the big screen. Watch new close-up angles and a whole new view of the entire concert.

According to info on CGV Indonesia ticketing app, the duration is 104 minutes.
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