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Pokemon Journeys sought to reinvent the formula that the Pokemon anime had previously stuck to without fail. For seven main iterations now, Ash Ketchum has gone to a new region, fought the Pokemon League in one form or another, and then traveled to the next. But with this anime series, a World Tour event was introduced to keep things fresh. Ash visited all of the past regions from the series, along with the newest in Galar, for a different kind of adventure. At first, it was to be a Research Fellow for Professor Cerise. Following this, Ash enrolled in the World Coronation Series and sought to enter the Master Class to face the Champion in Leon. Finally, that journey is coming to a head via Pokemon Ultimate Journeys.
While Japan has been running the anime under one name and releasing an episode almost every week, the US has a different formula thanks to Netflix’s purchase of the rights. They released the anime in bundles every few months and rebranded it after a certain number of episodes. Pokemon Ultimate Journeys is the last in the line and will feature the culmination of everything so far.
A new trailer has announced the release date of the first bundle, which will be October 21. In addition, the trailer highlights what fans can expect throughout the run, including seeing old friends, familiar Pokemon, and a promise of epic adventure.
For example, based on what we see, the first bundle will see the long-awaited return of Serena, who hasn’t been seen since the days of Pokemon XYZ. She and Ash have a very special connection, and though the episode itself won’t dive too deeply into what happened when we last saw her, she does talk about what Ash means to her loosely.
Another exciting return is that of Greninja, who was Ash’s go-to Pokemon during the Kalos days. He will seek out his old friend to get an even deeper connection with Lucario, whom he wishes to take to the next level as he did with Greninja back in the day.
Goh will also play a vital role in the episodes as he continues his journey to become part of Project Mew, even if that means dealing with Gary oak again.
As for Chloe, she will take part in her first Pokemon Contest alongside her Eevee and continue learning about its multiple evolutions to see which one is best for it. It’ll be curious to see what she decides.
Finally, and most importantly, we get a teaser of the Master Class battles that Ash will be a part of. Of course, we already know that many epic battles await us, so watching the build-up toward this incredible climax will be fun.
You can watch the trailer below.
Source: YouTube
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