Park Hyung Sik Can’t Take His Eyes Off Of Han So Hee At This Moment After Living Together On ‘Soundtrack #1’

Park Hyung Sik Can’t Seem To Stop Staring At Han So Hee At This Moment Of Their Togetherness After Deciding To Live Together In The Drama ‘Soundtrack #1′.

The short drama ” Soundtrack #1 ” is indeed successful in getting the attention of fans. It’s no surprise considering the drama is starring popular celebrities, Park Hyungsik and Han So Hee .

“Soundtrack #1” tells the story of Lee Eun Soo, a song lyricist, and Han Sun Woo, a photographer who have been friends for 20 years. The two then lived together for 2 weeks for some reason. While living together, Lee Eun Soo and Han Sun Woo finally fall in love with each other.

In the first episode that aired last week, Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee’s sweet chemistry on “Soundtrack #1” has earned fans’ praise. The two of them look very sweet describing their friendship for almost 20 years.


Park Hyung Sik seemed to show a calm expression every time he looked at Han So Hee in the new episode that aired this afternoon, Wednesday (30/3). He managed to describe the feelings of happiness and sadness as well as a man who hides his feelings for his female friends.

Park Hyung Sik secretly stares at Han So Hee as they shop for household needs after living together. Han So Hee asked Park Hyung Sik to stay with her for 2 weeks to help her write lyrics about unrequited love.

On the first day after living together, the two leads of “Soundtrack #1” were already very awkward with each other. The reason is, for the first time the two hugged each other while sleeping after 20 years of being friends.

Park Hyung Sik himself always pays attention to Han So Hee and takes care of her in “Soundtrack #1”. He would occasionally stare at Han So Hee at various moments.

Meanwhile, “Soundtrack #1” itself airs one episode every Wednesday on Disney+. Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee’s new drama will have a total of 4 episodes.

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