Paramount Pictures The Squaw Man Movie

Paramount Pictures The Squaw Man movie

Greetings, fellow movie enthusiasts! Today, I want to share some insights about the classic film “The Squaw Man” produced by Paramount Pictures. This movie is one of the earliest examples of Hollywood’s golden era, and it’s a must-watch for anyone who loves history, drama, and romance. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of “The Squaw Man.”


“The Squaw Man” is a 1914 silent film directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Dustin Farnum, Red Wing, and Monroe Salisbury. The movie tells the story of Captain Jim Carston, a British nobleman who is accused of cheating at cards and has to flee to America. In the United States, he falls in love with a Native American woman named Nat-u-ritch and marries her, despite facing social prejudice and cultural differences.

The film was a huge commercial success and launched DeMille’s career as one of the most prominent directors of his time. It was also a revolutionary moment in the history of American cinema, as it was the first feature-length film produced in Hollywood and marked the birth of the studio system. “The Squaw Man” was remade twice, in 1918 and 1931, and its legacy influenced countless other movies in the Western genre.

If you’re interested in watching “The Squaw Man,” you can find it on various streaming platforms or DVD collections. Just keep in mind that it’s a silent movie, so don’t forget to turn on the subtitles!


  • Q: Is “The Squaw Man” based on a true story?
  • A: No, it’s a work of fiction inspired by a stage play written by Edwin Milton Royle.

  • Q: Why is the movie called “The Squaw Man”?
  • A: The term “squaw man” was a derogatory term used to describe a white man who married a Native American woman and lived with her tribe. In the movie, it’s used to highlight the main character’s social stigma and the challenges he faces.

  • Q: Who played Nat-u-ritch in the film?
  • A: The role was played by Red Wing, a Native American actress who was one of the few non-white performers in Hollywood at the time.

  • Q: What was the significance of “The Squaw Man” in the history of American cinema?
  • A: The movie was the first feature-length film produced in Hollywood and marked the beginning of the studio system, which would dominate the film industry for decades. It also showcased the potential of cinema as a storytelling medium and paved the way for other directors to experiment with new techniques and genres.

Pros and Cons


  • Historical significance as one of the earliest Hollywood movies.
  • Engaging storyline with themes of love, culture clash, and redemption.
  • Well-directed and acted, with impressive cinematography for its time.


  • Some outdated and offensive depictions of Native American culture and characters.
  • Limited accessibility due to being a silent film.
  • May not appeal to modern audiences who prefer more action-packed and fast-paced movies.


If you’re planning to watch “The Squaw Man,” here are some tips to enhance your viewing experience:

  • Research the historical context of the movie and its impact on Hollywood’s evolution.
  • Try to appreciate the technical achievements of the film, such as its use of close-ups and long shots.
  • Pay attention to the performances of the actors, especially Red Wing’s portrayal of Nat-u-ritch.
Closing Thoughts

“The Squaw Man” may not be a perfect movie, but it’s a significant milestone in the history of American cinema and a testament to the power of storytelling. As we continue to explore new forms of media and entertainment, it’s important to remember the pioneers who paved the way for us. So, why not give “The Squaw Man” a chance and see what all the fuss is about?

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