Overview – Bro Daddy

Cast: Mohanlal, Prithviraj, Meena, Kalyani Priyadarshan

Malayalam cinema is making a few very interesting films and next in line is Bro Daddy, a brand new age comedy-drama directed via actor became director Prithviraj. The film additionally stars the mythical Mohan Lal and Kalyani Priyadarshan in lead roles and is stay on Hotstar.

John(Mohan Lal) leads a happy existence with his wife Annamma(Meena). In a turnaround of activities, he impregnates his spouse and creates an awkward situation. If this became now not enough, his son, Eesho(Prithiviraj) additionally makes his stay-in female friend Anna(Kalyani Priyadarshan) pregnant in Bangalore. When John needs to save himself from humiliation at this age, his son creates extra problems. How does John handles this type of problematic state of affairs and makes peace is the plotline.

Prithiviraj has directed this movie and additionally plays a key function. He does these dual jobs to the quality of his abilities. The high-quality a part of the movie is that the temper has been stored mild and Prithiviraj has succeeded on this issue. Kalyani Priyadarshan is lovely and performs the sober role convincingly. Lalu Alex is likewise a spine to the film along with his function. Meena as Mohan Lal’s wife does what is needed.

But the real megastar is Mohan Lal. He receives the meaty component and his comedy timing is top-notch. He wishes to be in tension and also wishes to make the state of affairs appearance fun for the target audience. There is a skinny line and Mohan Lal does an outstanding activity with his seasoned performances.

The script is written with the aid of Sreejith and has similarities to the Hindi movie Badhai Ho. But one more twist is added right here. The placing is proven between two households and the dialogues are a laugh. The tune and screenplay are very good in the first half of. The way in which feelings are laced with neat comedy is likewise proper. The editing part goes for a toss inside the final half of an hour because the film turns predictable and slow as it has nothing new to offer. Like in all Malayalam movies, the setting and camerawork are excellent.

Bro Daddy has a close resemblance to the Hindi movie Badhai Ho, however there are cases of being pregnant here. The movie is based totally at the chemistry among father and son performed by means of Mohan Lal and Prithiviraj. In this branch, the seasoned actors galvanize. Their Jugalbandi and situational comedy that arises in those weird occasions enthrall the audience basically.

The film begins with the backdrops of two families and how they may be associated. The tale is straightforward and director Prithviraj chooses comedy to relate even the worrying conditions of guilt and humiliation created due to premature pregnancies. This is wherein the target market receives involved as Mohan Lal’s standout overall performance rocks the display.

But the movie starts offevolved showing to put on off within the second 1/2. Soubin Shahir’s role looks compelled and once the main twist that the father and son hold for so much time is revealed to the alternative own family, matters get rumbled and the narration is full of predictable scenes.

The climax is ended on an emotional be aware. Had the second one half of been stored intense and also racy, matters might have made a international of distinction. As it’s far a family drama, director Prithiviraj goes vintage school and brings in moments on a slow be aware and in a stupid manner. This is where so much lag is created in the runtime but Mohan Lal makes you sit down together with his antics.

In the quit, Bro Daddy has a familiar premise and habitual ending. But what makes matters tick is the chemistry between the star heroes Mohan Lal and Prithiviraj. They make certain that there’s first rate fun for the target audience in this ride even though the complaints are packed with predictable and habitual moments.

Bottom Line – Bromantic comedy

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