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Ori Devuda, starring Vishwak Sen in the lead role, is the latest Telugu romantic comedy entertainer released in theatres worldwide today. The film is the official Telugu remake of Oh My Kadavule, as it is known to us all. So we are all aware of what a good film Ori Devuda is, from the original. Interestingly, Ashwath Mrimuthu, the director of the original, made the Telugu remake too. Another exciting element from the film is that our all-time favourite Venky Mama played an important role in it. So, with some unique content and exceptional actors and technicians in the film, Ori Devuda turned out to be a successful cracker for this Diwali. Here is our detailed review of the entertaining romantic comedy movie Ori Devuda.
Writer and Director – Ashwath Marimuthu
Cast – Vishwak Sen, Venkatesh, Mithila Palkar, Asha Bhat and Others
Production Company – PVP Cinema and Sri Venkateswara Creations
Music Director – Leon James
Arjun(Vishwak Sen) and Anu(Mithila Palkar) are best friends from childhood. One day, Anu proposes to Arjun to marry her, and Arjun accepts without any hesitation. Later, Arjun could not see Anu as his wife, and problems started rising slowly between the couple. However, they get stronger with the entry of Meera(Asha Bhat), Arjun’s childhood senior and crush, back into his life. Arjun and Anu decide to apply for a divorce and part their ways, but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen. Arjun then approaches a popular lawyer(Venkatesh) in love court and asks him to help with the divorce issue. Arjun later comes to know that the lawyer himself is the God of the universe, who created problems in Arjun’s life. Well, God gives Arjun a special ticket to have a second chance in his life to correct his mistakes and solve the divorce issue. Arjun restarts his life again with this ticket. Will things get better or worse in Arjun’s life with this second chance? That is the rest of the narrative of the film Ori Devuda.
VISHWAK SEN is well known as “Mass Ka Das” in Tollywood. But the actor just did not stick to mass roles in his career. His filmography is the best example of that. He did some funny, serious, crazy, and even decent love roles. Well, Arjun in Ori Devuda is a complete package from the actor. One can notice the complete maturity and subtlety in Vishwak’s performance. Vishwak as Arjun in Ori Devuda presents the comic timing, funny and frustrated facial expressions, entertaining body language and much more of the actor on the fun side. At the same time, Vishwak rules the emotional scenes like a king in the second half of the film. Well, there are a few scenes from Vishwak Sen that steal the show and our hearts. They include a quality check of the toilets; performing a breakup scene at auditions; experiencing a second chance in life for the first time; an emotional conversation with Murali Sharma; and the final courtroom scene with Mithila Palkar.
MITHILA PALKAR is the best casting choice for this film. She is more than amazing as Anu. The actress adds her elegance to the screen in every scene. She is as adorable as Anu. Mithila’s on-screen chemistry with Vishwak is what makes the audience root for the couple constantly.
ASHA BHAT plays the sidekick in the film, but a very important one. Well, she actually changes the course of the story in the first half of the film. Asha looks very comfortable as Meera and adds the required energy to the film on screen. Gundellonaa song is the highlight of her part. Well, Asha will surely remain as Bujjamma for a long time in the hearts of the youth.
VENKATESH, the God in Ori Devuda, really brings that aura to the screen. Venky Mama fills the film with energy and entertainment, even though he shines in just a few scenes. The divine looks of Venkatesh are really impressive. The introduction and the interval blocks of Venkatesh are energetic in the film. The conversations between Venkatesh and Vishwak are the special package for the audience.
VENKATESH KAKUMANU lit up the screen with his dialogue delivery. The actor has the most screen time in the film next to Vishwak and Mithila. He plays Mani, Arjun and Anu’s best friend. The conversations between Vishwak and Venkatesh are hilarious in the second half.
MURALI SHARMA and RAHUL RAMAKRISHNA are good in their parts. Well, Murali Sharma’s toilet sequences with Vishwak Sen are hilarious.
PURI JAGANNADH entertains with a special cameo appearance.
ASHWATH MARIMUTHU presents this fresh and unique idea in a simple but beautiful way. Firstly, the story idea itself is very interesting. Having a second chance in life to correct mistakes is exciting, both on paper and on screen. The film leaves the audience with a short message that one will always have a second chance in life if they realise their little mistakes and correct them. Ashwath discussed little things like arranged marriage versus love marriage, friendship versus love, hard work versus happiness, and many more, in a mature way. The writing is so beautiful, and so is the presentation. Ashwath brought the best out of all his actors. Remaking his own original in another language, matching the expectations and delivering the same output is a bit of a tough task, but Ashwath really excelled at it.
THARUN BHASCKER’s dialogues are really loving. The conversations between Vishwak and Venkatesh, Vishwak and Murali Sharma, and Vishwak and Venkatesh Kakumanu really came out very well, and the credit goes to Tharun.
LEON JAMES stole the show from the technical perspective. His background score is very entertaining in the first half and seriously touching in the second half. The soundtrack is perfectly suited for the film. The songs are also great. In particular, Avunanavaa is just magical in the film.
VIDHU AYYANNA’s visuals are so beautiful in the film. The love court scenes and the road trip to Kerala are the best parts of his work. Here, the rain scenes need a special mention for the cinematography.
The production values of the film are so great that it looks lavish throughout the runtime.
Ori Devuda has a few reference scenes from Jr NTR’s films, Temper, Brindavanam, and Yamadonga. Vishwak Sen shows his love for the young tiger in these scenes.
Ori Devuda is a clean and complete entertainer with equal proportions of fun and drama. The fresh and unique ideas of Ashwath Marimuthu are interesting and impressive. Vishwak Sen excels with various emotions on screen, assisted by the equal and elegant performance from Mithila Palkar. Venkatesh’s presence boosts the film, and Leon James adds some soul with the music. Yes, Diwali celebrations begin with the success of Ori Devuda.

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