VERIVERY “It’s full of ‘wholesome miasma’ that runs toward your dreams”

The 7th mini album ‘Liminality – EP.Dream’…”From the trainee days until now, with the dreams that I have cherished”

4th year talented ‘creative idol’…“I can’t give up on ‘self-producing’ where I can really tell my story”

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lim Ji-woo = “When I was a trainee, my dream was to debut, and after debut, to win first place on a music show. While working on this album, I felt again that it was a dream.” (Verivery Kangmin)

The group Verivery, which earned the modifier ‘Creative Idol’ by participating in production such as writing lyrics, composing and choreography, has returned with a new album after 6 months.

The group Verivery, which released their 7th mini album ‘Liminality-EP.Dream’ on the 16th, said in an interview at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul recently, “The theme of ‘dream’ is from the time we were trainees until now. It is an album containing dreams that have been cherished.”

Following last year’s ‘Liminality-EP.Love‘, this album is a series of albums with each element necessary for ‘happiness.

Member Yongseung explained, “We, Verivery, have been running toward our dreams and have kept the wholesome spirit and ambition without adding or subtracting.”

The title song ‘Crazy Like That’ is a song that expresses the passion for a dream with positive lyrics.It is characterized by dreamy vocals on top of techno and electric bass performances.

Leader Dongheon said, “I tried to show a dreamy and sensuous atmosphere that I hadn’t shown before.”

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Befitting the modifier ‘Creative Stone’, Verivery participated in writing and composing songs such as ‘Raincoat’ and ‘Smile With You’ in this album.

In the two songs, the members conveyed a warm message of support for the fans’ dreams through the lyrics that say that they will be by their side under any circumstances.

Member Gyehyun said, “Even if we have a hiatus, the message that we will always be by our fans’ side contains our dreams for the future together with our fans.”

Verivery, who honed their producing skills by constantly learning lyrics and composition even before their debut, said, “It is really difficult to do both production and stage, but there is a sense of pride that is proportional to the pain.”

Dongheon said, “This album was able to contain sincere messages for the fans because the members directly participated in writing and composing the lyrics.” said.

Verivery, who achieved their first music broadcasting dream after their debut with ‘Liminality-EP.Love’ released last year, said, “Now that we have achieved our dream of winning music broadcasting, now is the time to come back and meet fans on stage like this. It’s like a dream,” he said in unison.

At the same time, they also presented a new goal to grow into a group that can be loved overseas as well as in Korea.

“I think the title track of this album is a song that many people abroad can relate to.

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