Shakira did not hesitate to spoil her in-laws by dedicating a song to her in Catalan: the video of the Colombian singer when

Joan Pique and Montserrat Bernabeu they didn’t always get along with Shakiraand it is that there was a time when the artist he sang his in-laws’ favorite song in Catalan. Which makes it clear that the relationship was not always bad, although the beginning took a little more than necessary to build the connection.

It is nothing new to imagine how he sat one family traditional Catalan, the arrival of an international star in their lives. The singer arrived in Barcelona where he had to make an effort to adapt for the sake of his new family, as reported by ok diary.

Shakira’s illusion when she arrived in Barcelona

When Shakira hit the ground in Barcelona, ​​she left everything for him. love still Gerard Piqué It was everything she had dreamed of. And it is that the Colombian singer made the determination to be by her side. The soccer player had to go to her work and that is why Shakira transferred her life to Spain.

Clara Chía in the hospital! Piqué’s girlfriend suffers an anxiety attack after not supporting the media pressure aggravated by Shakira’s song

Being part of a family like the one Piqué had was not easy. The fear of some parents that their son would suffer the consequences of fame came true. The former player’s parents had to adapt to the cameras, to live with 24-hour security and to assume that his grandchildren would be part of this media focus.

Shakira’s arrival in Catalonia was not so traumatic because she was a foreigner, but because she was famous, something that would cost the Piqués dearly. Now they are part of a song, but in those times they turned to a daughter-in-law that she gave to her grandchildren.

Shakira’s video dedicating a song to her in-laws

Both for the Piqué family and for Shakira, coexistence was difficult. In vanity They point out that the reason was not because she was Colombian or foreign.

Shakira repents and pardons Piqué on his birthday: the Colombian suspends the premiere of the song in collaboration with Karol G and will not release it on February 2

“Not because she was Colombian or foreign, not even because she was a famous singer with extravagant tastes and customs. It was because the habits at the Piqués’ house were very different: they were used to living closed in on themselves, without any exposure, with lifelong friends,” said this media.

To integrate better, Shakira did not hesitate to sing a whole hymn in Catalan. The song “Boig per tu”, a theme dedicated to love and the moon. A melody that moved her to some in-laws whose grandchildren call them “avi” and “ona”, from grandfather in Catalan and the abbreviation of iaiona, as they know Montserrat. (AND)

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