[New Movie] Renfield Super Mario Bros.


Dracula, who called him day and night and used physical violence, was the worst boss at work, but Renfield, who was constantly being hit by gaslights, didn’t even have the courage to run away.

However, after meeting Rebecca (Aquafina), a cop with a sense of justice, Renfield dreams of a new life. She tells her story in a relationship addiction treatment class and trying to become independent by finding a new home.

Can Renfield escape his toxic relationship with Dracula?

The film depicts the struggles of secretary Renfield, who is under a lifetime contract to leave the company after being conned by his boss, Dracula.

Robert Kirkman, in charge of planning and producing the original work, created this work as the creator of the popular TV series “The Walking”, starting with the question, “How do you tell the story of Dracula from the perspective of the people around you?” Dead’, Kirkman’s unique sensibilities and arrangements are clearly revealed in ‘Renfield’.

The acting collaboration between Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage who played father and son in the film ‘Weathering Man’ (2005) also attracted attention. The two, who met again after 18 years with this work, interestingly resolved the tension while being funny. The relationship between an overbearing boss and a powerless subordinate.

Aquafina’s acting, the first Asian to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in the US, is also fun to watch. It comes alive with its trademark comic acting breath.

Opened on the 19th. 93rd minute. No minors.

Then one day, Mario and Luigi hear that a burst water pipe and that Brooklyn is in danger.

However, both brothers are sucked into the pipe, and Luigi falls down the green pipe and falls into the ‘Dark Land’ which is ruled by the villain Koopa.

Super Mario Bros., an animation produced by the game company Nintendo and the animation company Illumination, depicts the journey of Mario, a plumber, to save his brother Luigi.

Plus, the various items from question mark boxes, turtles that flatten when stepped on, ‘pop’ sound effects, and the in-game theme song evoke nostalgia. You are immediately in a scene in the game.

This story has been reinterpreted for modern times. In that game, the Mario brothers embark on an adventure to save Princess Peach from Koopa, but in this work, Mario and Peach work together to save Luigi.

Princess Peach is a passive person who escaped a crisis with the help of men, a leader who rules over the Mushroom Kingdom, and a warrior who displays strong actions.

“We’ve done our best to pay homage to great games and lovable characters,” said Christopher Meledandri, founder and CEO of Illumination.

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