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Season three of Nickelodeon’s teen sitcom Danger Force returns with lots of crazy situations and lots of laughs. Created by Christopher Nowak and Dan Schneider, it follows the adventures of the eccentric superhero Captain Man in the fictional town of Swellview as he gathers a group of even stranger eccentric teenagers from his local high school to become his superhero-in-training in forced-call rag-tag, you can guess it! Danger Power.

With the combined efforts of Miles, Mika, Bose and Chapa, the Danger Squad solves puzzles, goes on crazy adventures and saves the city every week on Nickelodeon. And this final episode is one you won’t want to miss because it brings together everything that makes this show great, from the great situational comedy skits to the combined efforts of the crew in saving valuables.

Meanwhile, the kids are committing some school crimes to play ditch and avoid science class because some teachers are unable to attend, but we’ll get to that in our recap. It is important for you to know that each episode becomes a bit related to the previous one for character development story. You don’t want to miss what will happen to Henry and Ray or how Captain Man will deal with a bit of defiance with some overzealous kids.

The Power of Danger Season 3
The final episode is hilarious, as it involves protecting the ponytail (Credit: Nickelodeon)

Danger Force Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, we see how Jeff is now a human piñata and that the Danger Force used him to recover some stolen candy that he pulled without the owner knowing (yes, he stole it!). While the piñata fun is in progress, Chapa calls Ray to come over and play the piñata too, but she is dating Henry.

We turn to them, Ray makes a few comments about his dates with other crew members to Henry, and to his surprise, he’s dating a girl named Melanie. And while Henry and Ray don’t want to mingle, we’re sure to see a lot more in future episodes. It makes you wonder why they even went on a date.

A Precious Piece of Hair

At school, the children meet a man named Wellington. She had a ponytail and was willing to pay fifty thousand Danger Power to protect her beloved hair in the form of a ponytail. Looks like the ponytail is in danger. So, the team accepted the payment and are willing to protect the ponytail. Then we learn that two substitute teachers won’t make it to school, and some students will be left without classes, so Henry and Ray move out to get everyone home.

A showdown with the man who threatened fifty thousand ponytails ensued, someone named Archduke Fernando, and he was defeated. But when the time to collect protection money drew near, Lil’Dynomite finally cut off her precious ponytail, gave it to someone else, and the money fell into a different hand.

Danger Force Season 3 trailer

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Danger Force Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date

Danger Force Season 3 Episode 5 will premiere on Nickelodeon on May 18, 2023 at 7 p.m. Eastern US Time. The title of the episode is “Miles Sells His Soul”, and for the following episodes, each episode is about half an hour long. Expect new episodes to air every week on Thursday nights. Below, you will find time release schedules for other regions around the world.

  • US Pacific Time: 16:00
  • Australian Time:
    • Sydney time: 09:00 the next day (19 May 2023)
    • Melbourne Time: 09:00 the next day (19 May 2023)
    • Brisbane Time: 08:00 the next day (19 May 2023)
  • UK Time: 00:00 the next day (19 May 2023)
  • Singapore Time: 07:00 the next day (19 May 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time: 04:30 the next day (19 May 2023)
  • Central European Standard Time: 01:00 the next day (19 May 2023)
  • New Zealand Standard Time: 15:00 the next day (19 May 2023)
The Power of Danger Season 3
Kids cracking jokes at Swellview (Source: Nickelodeon)

Where To Watch The Power Of Danger?

Watch new episodes of Danger Force on Nickelodeon during their runtime (described above). Alternatively, if you missed the broadcast, you can stream it on Paramount+, Directv Streaming, and Spectrum on Demand. Previous seasons of Danger Force are available on Netflix. The show is also available for purchase via iTunes, Google Play, YouTube TV, Microsoft Store and Amazon Direct Video.

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