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Father Of The Bride isn’t the only movie that features a struggling patriarch in a chaotic family for the inevitable entertainment that ensues.
Recently released on June 16, 2022 by Warner Bros. Pictures and HBO Max, the newest Father Of The Bride film stars Andy García as the eponymous dad who must confront his parental shortcomings to save his relationship with his daughter, all amidst the chaos of pre-wedding family drama.
As the frustrated Billy Herrera, García fills the shoes of Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin, who starred in the 1950 and 1991 versions of the film, respectively. Audiences keep coming back to the stubborn patriarch who struggles to regain control of a family that threatens to move forward without him. While Father Of The Bride may be the premiere example of a frustrated dad in a turbulent family setting, many movies have explored this dynamic for the inevitable entertainment that ensues.
The go-to dysfunctional family wedding movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding remains the highest-grossing rom-com of all time. When Greek-American Toula (played by Nia Vardalos) falls in love with white Protestant Ian (John Corbett), her biggest obstacle is her father Gus's disapproval.
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My Big Fat Greek Wedding explores the effect of Toula's independence on her worried father, who struggles to accept the new man in his daughter's life just like García's Billy struggles with his soon-to-be son-in-law in Father Of The Bride. The memorable characters in Toula's multi-generational family will stop at nothing to get as involved as possible in her wedding, lending this film the same element of wacky family chaos that dominates Father Of The Bride.
Father Of The Bride director Gaz Alazraki also directed this hit Mexican dark comedy nearly a decade ago. When Germán (Gonzalo Vega) realizes his three grown children are wasting the family fortune, he concocts an elaborate lie to scare them into getting jobs.
Not only do the two films share Alazraki's accessible directing style and a focus on Latinx families, but the heart of Nosotros los Nobles (We Are the Nobles) is another father hoping to steer his offspring into a stable future. Germán, like García's Billy, must come to terms with the ways he may have let his children down and accept responsibility for the family's future.
Another wedding movie that sends its protagonist into complete chaos, Crazy Rich Asians is the story of Rachel (played by Constance Wu), who travels to Singapore to attend her boyfriend's friend's wedding and meet her boyfriend's parents.
While Father Of The Bride is centered on the experience of a disapproving father, Crazy Rich Asians centers its beloved romantic comedy storyline from the opposite perspective, as Rachel's boyfriend's wealthy family is unwilling to accept her as his girlfriend. As in Father Of The Bride, the older generation in Crazy Rich Asians makes life endlessly difficult for the more free-thinking younger generation. In both films, these conflicts set against the backdrop of wildly luxurious wedding events leads to all kinds of surprises, hilarity, and life lessons learned along the way.
While there is no central patriarch in Bridesmaids, Kristin Wiig easily takes on the "father of the bride" archetype in her character of Annie. In this iconic female-led wedding comedy, Annie's life falls apart as she tries to fulfill her Maid of Honor role in her best friend's wedding.
Annie is just as fearful of losing her best friend to marriage as Billy is of losing his daughter to it. Like Billy, Annie has to learn how to get herself unstuck to save her relationship with the bride and move forward with her life. Along the way, the endlessly funny cast of bridesmaids shows the complete havoc of wedding planning and relationships pushed to their limits. While both films are about chaotic weddings, Bridesmaids and the newest Father Of The Bride are both rom-coms at their core.
Fatherhood is a deep dive into the early stages of a father/daughter relationship. Starring Kevin Hart as Matt, a man who must raise his daughter alone after his wife dies, the film explores what it means to be in the roles of both mother and father, challenging expectations of masculinity and fatherhood.
Just like Billy, Matt must learn how to accept his limits and respect his daughter's wishes for her own life. Matt's relationship with his daughter delivers the same heartwarming feelings as the 1991 Father Of The Bride's scenes of father/daughter basketball-playing, and the funniest parts of the movie are those in which a frustrated dad just cannot keep it together anymore.
Mamma Mia! has no central father figure, yet the film is all about the journey to find one. Bride-to-be Sophie (played by Amanda Seyfried) invites three of her mother's previous lovers to her wedding, believing one of them to be her dad and determined to figure out which man will walk her down the aisle.
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Like the familiar Father Of The Bride father/bride dynamic, Sophie's mom Donna (played by Meryl Streep) does not understand why her daughter wants to get married so young. Each film also features a prominent "romantic trouble" storyline in its parent generation. With its famous soundtrack of music by ABBA, Mamma Mia! is another fun-loving wedding adventure with multi-generational drama.
In this Oscar-nominated mystery movie from Rian Johnson, a family patriarch leaves coordinated chaos in the wake of his death. Unlike Billy Herrera, crime novelist Harlan (played by Christopher Plummer) has complete control over his effect on his offspring, but both characters want to steer their adult children into more permissible life directions.
Knives Out also has a father/daughter-like relationship at its center, which is Harlan's special connection with his nurse Marta (played by Ana de Armas in an unforgettable Latinx lead role). While a murder mystery and not a wedding story, Knives Out has the outrageous family dynamics and pivotal patriarch role that also define Father Of The Bride.
The silly misunderstandings of The Wedding Planner are due in part to the protagonist's father Salvatore (played by Alex Rocco) getting too involved in his daughter's love life. Salvatore wants Mary (Jennifer Lopez) to marry someone she knew as a kid, but Mary is in love with Steve (Matthew McConaughey), whose wedding to another woman she is currently planning.
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It might not be the A storyline, but Salvatore comes to terms with his own error in judgment and tries to do right by his daughter, just as Billy must do in Father Of The Bride. Both films feature smart career women as their brides-to-be, and it's the intellect and independence of these leading Latina ladies (although Lopez's character is supposed to be Italian) that complicates their fathers' understanding of their love lives more than anything else.
Three generations of one family under one yellow VW bus roof is already guaranteed entertainment, but Little Miss Sunshine also includes a compelling father/daughter dynamic between Richard (Greg Kinnear) and young Olive (Abigail Breslin).
Richard has trouble letting Olive be her own weird self, but his opinionated family members prevent him from shaping her life – similar to how Billy's character is constantly getting shut down by his wife (Gloria Estefan). Little Miss Sunshine centers around a talent show and not a wedding, but an imperfect father still has to reconcile the parent he's been with the dad he wants to be – all amidst the hilarious antics of his dysfunctional family.
In this late-80s classic, Gil (Steve Martin) isn't sure he's doing a good job parenting his three children, who all struggle with their own issues. Gil and his siblings raise their kids with different parenting styles and help each other out. The star-studded cast includes a young Keanu Reeves and Joaquin Phoenix among others, which makes this throwback – which is one of many iconic movies featuring Father Of The Bride star, Steve Martin – even more fun to revisit.
Steve Martin would soon portray the classic 1991 "father of the bride," and there are many similarities between these two father characters. Not only are they both neat freaks, they want the best for their children and sometimes feel powerless in helping them – a feeling García's character also struggles with in the newest remake. Ultimately, Parenthood is another heartwarming, father-focused tale about well-intentioned parents doing their best.
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