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Netflix’s new limited series, The Girls At The Back, tells the story of five longtime best friends on a life-changing journey. Here’s what to know!
The theme of a "found family" isn't necessarily new — over the last few years, found families have become the glue that holds franchises together. For example, take the characters from Netflix's Stranger Things and the many pseudo-adopted relationships that comprise the group. For another, take Avatar: The Last Airbender and the multi-generational, multi-nation family that formed over Avatar's three-season arc. When these (mostly) unrelated characters form complex, emotionally charged, heartfelt relationships with one another, the show delivers a more resonant form of the "rag-tag group of protagonists" that fans have come to know and love.
Found families provoke deep questions about each character in addition to questions about the "family unit." If the character didn't find this group, where would they be? Does this character identify with this found family over their family of origin? If so, why? How does the group define family? What ultimately ties these characters together, if not familial or biological ties? When a character is called to work for and choose the family rather than be a de facto member, another layer of drama, intrigue, and conflict is added to the story.
An upcoming Netflix original series, The Girls At The Back, depicts a found family comprised of five women. The ensemble cast takes on a story reminiscent of The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, but with new settings, characters, conflicts, and a new story that highlights the value of each member in a "found family."
Here's everything to know about The Girls At The Back.
The Girls At The Back tells the story of a close-knit group of adult women. Sara, Alma, Carol, Leo, and Olga have been friends since the sixth grade, thirty-some-odd years ago. In an effort to keep in touch and rekindle their friendship, the friends organize an annual getaway. After one of them is diagnosed with cancer, the friends continue with their yearly getaway — this year, at a beachfront villa — but with a few conditions.
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They will each face their individual bucket lists together. However, the tasks are not the traditional, cross-it-off-before-you-kick-the-bucket tasks that one would expect from a "bucket list." Instead, the friends all promise each other (and themselves) that they will complete a challenge, a wish, or something they have not yet dared to do for fear of the consequences. Each woman writes their tasks on slips of paper, places them into a box, and agrees to pull the tasks out periodically throughout the duration of their ocean-side stay.
In an effort to preserve the integral lightheartedness of their reunion, the other major condition of the trip was that no one can bring up the looming cancer diagnosis. In doing this, the audience doesn't actually know who was recently diagnosed until it is later revealed.
Upon arriving at the beach and beginning their week-long soiree, the friends are confronted with many harsh realities. Even though the recent cancer diagnosis (dubbed "the c-word") hangs over the friends' heads, the predominant theme of the show is friendship and the roles people play in the journey of others. Every single day of the trip was centered around the group taking on a new challenge together, helping each member grow and accept themselves.
The film stars Maria Rodriguez Soto (The Days To Come, Com si fos ahir), Mariona Teres (Veneno, Paquita Salas), Monica Miranda (Everybody Knows, I Can Quit Whenever I Want), Melina Matthews (La Peste, Warrior Nun), Macarena Garcia (Paraiso, The Ministry of Time), Itsaso Arana (Reyes de la Noche, The August Virgin), Goeliv Van den Brandt (Valeria, Sky Rojo), and Javier Rey.
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The Girls At The Back is written and directed by Daniel Sanchez Arevalo (Dark Blue Almost Black, Seventeen). It is produced by José Antonio Félez and his production company, Atípica Films.
All six episodes of The Girls At The Back will be available to stream on Netflix starting September 23rd, 2022.
In a Vogue interview, director and creator Daniel Sánchez Arévalo explained why he shifted to a limited series format instead of a movie or long-form content. The Girls At The Back marks a departure from the standard film format that has comprised the career of Sánchez Arévalo so far.
“The idea of ​​The Last Row [The Girls At The Back] is something that has been around me for six or seven years and I hadn't quite found a way to develop it, to make it click , until I realized that what I had in my hands was not a movie. I had the need to delve into the characters and the conflicts of five women, I couldn't solve it in an hour and a half…" “It is true that my stories, from the start, have very dramatic approaches. There is a natural tendency in my filmography to try to find a little light, save the characters, take care of them, pamper them or empathize and make you want to go on a trip with them.”


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