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*Need* to know what happens next
If you’re a fan of Netflix crime dramas, you’ll likely have been hooked on the platform’s latest release, Echoes.
The series centres around twins Leni and Gina, who swap lives on their birthday every year. However, things start to go wrong when one goes missing, and a whole load of mystery begins to unravel.
Echoes ended with some questions still left unanswered, meaning fans are eagerly looking ahead to a potential season two. Here’s what we know about an Echoes series two so far…
Sadly, Echoes season two hasn’t been announced by Netflix just yet. The show is currently listed as a limited series, which usually means it runs as one standalone season. However, there’s still a chance that the series could come back despite being limited, especially as it’s proven so popular with viewers.
If that’s the case, there’s still time for an announcement to be made, as the show only just dropped on 19th August. Here’s hoping!
If Echoes does return for season two, it wouldn’t be much of a show without leading twins Leni and Gina. That means we’d expect actor Michelle Monaghan to return as both.
Elsewhere, we could see Matt Bomer returning as Jack Beck, Daniel Sunjata as Charlie Davenport, and Ali Stroker as Claudia. There’s also Schitt’s Creek‘s Karen Robinson as Sheriff Louise Floss, Rosanny Zayas as Deputy Paula Martinez, and Gable Swanlund as Mattie Beck.
Two actors who likely won’t be returning are Michael O’Neill (Victor McCleary) and Jonathan Tucker (Dylan James), as both of their characters were sadly killed off in season one.
The Echoes season one ending gets pretty complex, meaning there are lots of possible story avenues for season two. Gina appeared to try to kill herself in the waterfall, though it’s later suggested that she could still be alive, when Leni is told that a woman identical to her boarded a flight.
We later see one of the twins turning up at Charlie’s book reading and later at his house, though we don’t know which one or if they’re even the same person. We don’t find out much more, leaving some questions open for a potential season two. So much mystery…
We’ll have to wait for an Echoes season two to be confirmed for more information. However, if a second series is announced soon, we’d expect it to arrive some time in 2023.


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