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Despite only making its debut in the spring of 2016, NCT has already produced enough singles for a top ten countdown thanks to its unit-based, cyclic structure. NCT, the newest group from SM Entertainment, has something to offer everyone. You’ll find at least one song you like here, whether you want energetic dance music, experimental hip-hop/EDM, or soaring balladry.

Start your weekend off right with “Paradise,” an electronic dance song by NCT 127. The group’s self-titled debut EP’s fifth song, “Celebrating a Sweet Love Affair,” paints a picture of a peaceful place that only acquires the moniker “paradise” after being graced by the presence of two infatuated people. The track uses a number of summer allusions to dial up the breezy tone of the track, which is full of rhythmic finger clicks, vibrant guitar chords, and summery bass synth: The place where we are dreaming the same dream while holding your tiny hand, which is more beautiful than the ocean, is paradise, heaven.
Baby Don’t Like It

“Baby Don’t Like It” is a groovy hip-hop/dance single that showcases NCT 127’s sensual, risqué side, a prominent thematic in their varied discography. It is performed by Doyoung, Haechan, Taeil, Mark, and NCT’s leader Taeyong. You must fear me; I want you to strike and smack me; I want you to wreck me; I’ll let you play the part of painting me; I’m being completely honest; my body is only reacting, and I’m still not satisfied. Passionately confessing love, lust, and everything in between, “Baby Don’t Like It” is a powerful song.
Chewing Gum

In contrast to NCT 127’s more avant-garde, hip-hop-focused sound, Dream’s Chewing Gum is a cheerful, catchy song. As a result, the song swiftly rose to the top of NCT’s list of joyfully catchy songs, which was further boosted by the group’s performance while on a hoverboard.
My First & Last

NCT Dream was reimagined as producers of vintage, nostalgic pop music on the outstanding album My First & Last, whereas Chewing Gum had more of a novelty-driven focus. Moments of real k-pop brilliance are created by the incredibly upbeat chorus and powerful tempo.
Without You

Although NCT’s song Without You may not be the most popular or widely advertised, its vocal and lyrical bombast makes it a wonderfully inspirational piece of music. Without You completely abandons the group’s hip-hop influences and soars on its gorgeous harmonies and soaring, anthemic chorus.
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