Natalie Portman Then And Now: A Look Back At Her Career And Life

Natalie Portman from Child Stars Who Turned Out All Right E! News
Natalie Portman from Child Stars Who Turned Out All Right E! News from

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Natalie Portman, born Natalie Hershlag in 1981, is an Israeli-American actress and filmmaker. She first gained fame as a child actress in the 1990s, with her breakout role in the 1994 film “Leon: The Professional.”

Portman continued to work steadily throughout the decade, appearing in films like “Beautiful Girls” (1996), “Mars Attacks!” (1996), and “Anywhere But Here” (1999). She also attended Harvard University, where she earned a degree in psychology in 2003.

The Star Wars Years

In 1999, Portman was cast as Padmé Amidala in “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.” She would go on to reprise the role in the next two films in the prequel trilogy, “Attack of the Clones” (2002) and “Revenge of the Sith” (2005).

While the “Star Wars” films were not exactly critical darlings, they were massive commercial successes and helped to cement Portman’s status as a leading Hollywood actress.

Academy Award Success and Beyond

In 2010, Portman won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in “Black Swan.” The film, directed by Darren Aronofsky, was a psychological thriller about a ballerina’s descent into madness.

Since then, Portman has continued to work steadily in both independent and mainstream films. She has also taken on more behind-the-scenes roles, directing and producing her own projects.

Personal Life and Activism

Portman has been active in political and social causes throughout her career. She has been a vocal advocate for animal rights and has worked with organizations like PETA. She has also been a supporter of various environmental causes and has spoken out against the use of fossil fuels.

In 2011, Portman married French dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied. The couple has two children together.


Natalie Portman has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, with a wide range of roles and accomplishments to her name. From her early beginnings as a child actress to her award-winning turn in “Black Swan,” Portman continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

She has also been an outspoken advocate for important social and political causes, using her platform to raise awareness and effect change. As she continues to take on new and exciting projects, fans of Portman can look forward to seeing what she will do next.

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