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By: Manju Chandran
TALENTED singer Raveena Mehta signalled her musical arrival by teaming up with successful producer Rishi Rich for the recently released song Jab Tu Hai Wahi.
The soulful ballad is the third release from newly launched label Break The Noise Records and shows off the singer’s impressive vocal ability.

Eastern Eye found out more about Raveena by getting her to select 10 songs she loves.
Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton: This classic always gets me. I grew up listening to Clapton and continue to be mesmerised by the simplicity of his melodies and chords. I have always been a massive fan of rock and blues, and this composition has always been a heart warmer for me.
If I Ain’t Got Nothing by Alicia Keys: From the way they sit on the melodies to their depth, the lyrics in this song are a masterpiece and possibly my all-time favourite. The raw and unadulterated tone that Keys brings continues to lure me always. If I Ain’t Got Nothing will always be a masterpiece.
My All by Mariah Carey: The vocals of Mariah Carey give me chills in general  but in this song, specifically, I adore her falsetto performance. I love the sensuality in the melodies and her runs/riffs are breath-taking. Carey has been a massive inspiration to me through the years. From her vocal tone to her ability to belt and transition seamlessly, her voice is magical. I love how dynamic My All is vocally, yet musically so simple.
Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer: This is an honest song and possibly what I love most about it. I am a big fan of John Mayer and love his skillful use of the guitar. There is such a beautiful, helpless and melancholic undertone in this song that is just so settling and calming to the ears.
Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd: I would define this classic as a part of my musical roots. My first introduction to Pink Floyd was when I was around 14. I was just amazed by the production and synergy in each track. More than anything, Wish You Were Here was so lyrically profound. Even around the first time I heard the song, I remember being mesmerised by the juxtaposing imagery created through the lyrics. There is a level of grounding in this song, which very few tracks have ever evoked.
Everything I Do by Bryan Adams: Feels! This song is a literal definition of nostalgia. I love how it has the ability to make one fondly reminiscent. Apart from a massive appreciation towards the lyrics, I love the musical production in this song. The guitars carry the song in so many ways. Adams’s voice is so soothing and easy on the ears. I love the soul he has put into this song.
Always by Bon Jovi: Power! I absolutely love the strength and vulnerability in Always. Every emotion is experienced. Jon Bon Jovi’s powerful vocals along with the vulnerable lyrics make for such a stunning record. It’s one I would love to watch in concert.
Unravel Me by Sabrina Claudio: A newer song, by an artist who continues to inspire me. I love her vocal tone and resonate with her stylistic attributes. The breathy, sensuous, intimate tone is one that quite comes naturally to me, which is why I think I am very quickly drawn to her songs and music. I especially love the production in Unravel Me and think it compliments Claudio’s voice beautifully.
The Scientist by Coldplay: The Scientist has always had a very special place in my heart. I love its simplicity, melodies and soul. I love that it can make me feel warm on the inside. I believe this is because of the honesty in the lyrics and the melancholic melodies.
Cyanide by Daniel Caesar: This r’n’b/ soul record is so beautiful. I love the layered harmonised adlibs throughout this song. They work as an accompaniment to other instruments and are such an important and integral part of this song. This song is a beautiful depiction of balance; each component complements the other.
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