Will Coraline have a live-action directed by Guillermo del Toro?



Coraline is one of the most beloved animated films of recent decades, but rumors of a live-action version with Guillermo del Toro as the person in charge arose. It’s true?

Will Coraline have a live-action directed by Guillermo del Toro?
© IMDb/GettyWill Coraline have a live-action directed by Guillermo del Toro?

Coralinethe mythical novel by Neil Gaiman Released in 2002, it hit theaters in 2009 in stop motion animation format, becoming a huge hit, grossing more than $120 million worldwide. For a long time there was talk about a sequel to this film directed by Henry Selick, but in recent days there has been talk about a possible live-action with Guillermo del Toro to the head.

This is the remembered story of the 11-year-old girl Coraline Jones who dreams of living her experiences. She recently moved to Oregon with her parents, she spends her days missing her friends and feels that her family has left her behind, so in the neighborhood she finds a bond with her neighbor, Wybie Lovat. One day, she discovers a secret door that, when crossed, transports people to a parallel world.

+Will there be a live-action of Coraline by Guillermo del Toro?

In recent days, images appeared on social networks showing some scenes of what could be a live action movie Coraline. The photographs surprised Internet users, since the film was realistically captured with the characteristic dark tone. Therefore, the comments wondered about the possibility of this production.

However, we must tell you that this is not the case. These images were generated by artificial intelligence when asked what a live-action of CoralineDirected by Guillermo del Toro. Beyond this, there was a positive response from the public and the possibility is opened for the project to be considered in the future.

For now, no production company has announced that it is working on a live-action film of Coraline, as well as a possible sequel. As for the latter, Neil Gaiman assured: “If I ever come up with a better Coraline story idea than Coraline, I’ll write one.”ruling out the possibility of a continuation.


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