Ridley Scott recorded a movie using a Galaxy S23 Ultra

Ridley Scott and director Na Hong-jin made short films using only Galaxy S23

screenshot: Samsung.

For a few years we have seen some well-known filmmakers shoot music videos and even full movies using smartphones. Samsung has also wanted to join this trend with its new smartphones, and for this it has contacted two renowned directors: Sir Ridley Scott and the Korean Na Hong-jin.

Of course, you’ll probably know Scott from countless award-winning movies, like Blade Runner, The Gladiator, The Martian, Alien and stop counting. Na Hong-jin, on the other hand, is less well known outside of South Korea, but has some great films to his credit, such as the fascinating and dark the wailingAND The Chaser.

The fact is that both filmmakers have given themselves the task of creating short films using only the cameras of the new Galaxy S23 Ultra, but accompanied by stabilizers and professional equipment in the best style of the huge cameras that are usually used in Hollywood productions. For Scott, the idea of ​​​​how such a small device can achieve such good results, especially in light, shadow and contrast management, was interesting to him. I cut her off from him, Beholdis a story in an urban environment full of aggressiveness, from which a boy goes out to the countryside and finds peace by meeting and interacting with an animal, a horse, and giving him freedom.

In the case of Na Hong-jin, her short, Faithtakes place almost entirely in the dark, between shadows and very dimly lit corridors, clearly as an attempt to test the capabilities of the camera of these smartphones to record videos in very low light (something Samsung has put a lot of emphasis on). this year during his presentation). Faith, says Hong-jin, is about faith and how values ​​can change from person to person. The preview of her de ella promises mystery and some action, between quite macabre corridors. The filmmaker says that one of the biggest challenges of his production was the fact that almost the entire short is shot in very low light, and adding too much light to illuminate the scene changes the director’s intention to show, what he wants to count “HDR was key,” he says.

Ridley Scott and Na Hong jin created short films using just the Galaxy S23 Ultra

screenshot: Samsung.

Como mencioné al comienzo de estas líneas, no es la primera vez que vemos a directores grabando producciones profesionales con un smartphone. En el año 2018 el director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s Eleven) estrenó una película de casi 100 minutos recorded with the iPhone 7 Plus. Recently even Steven Spielberg recorded a music video with An iphonein just a few hours and in a way Improvised, without professional accessories such as stabilizers, but being Spielberg and having the creativity that he has, the result was still of great quality.

Now, it is interesting to see Samsung joining this trend and highlighting the potential of its smartphones’ cameras not only for photos, but also for videos with great quality, especially in the case of the S23 Ultra and its main 200 MP sensor.

Unfortunately, the Ridley Scott and Na Hong-jin shorts haven’t been released yet, but we do have behind-the-scenes sneak peeks that give us a tour of the production process, narrated by the filmmakers.

progress of Beholdthe short directed by Ridley Scott

Galaxy S23 Ultra: Behind The Scenes of ‘Behold’ by Sir Ridley Scott | samsung

progress of Faiththe shortometerdirected by na hongjin

Galaxy S23 Ultra: Behind The Scenes of ‘Faith’ by Na Hong-jin | samsung

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