The Director of ‘The Flash’ Just Leaked a Massive Cameo

[This article contains major spoilers for The Flash]It’s official—Nicolas Cage will finally have his day in the sky. Based on Lightningdirector Andy Muschietti during an interview with Esquire Middle East, which was highly anticipated Ezra MillerThe lead film will feature a cameo from the man, the myth, and the legend himself in the role he first played nearly three decades ago. When Tim Burton‘S Superman’s life may never fly, Muschietti has finally given Cage the chance of a lifetime – to don the cape and join in on the previously reported multiverse-crossing experience with people. Michael Keatonwhich will reprise his role as Batman from a pair of Burton classics, and Michael ShanonGeneral Zod who was previously killed.


In a surprise interview, Muschietti said that working with Cage was “absolutely amazing” and that “Even though the role was a cameo, he jumped into it.” A dream come true not only for Superman megafans like Cage working with the legendary star is also a huge accomplishment for the filmmaker who said, “I dreamed my whole life to work with him. I hope I can work with him again soon.” The feeling of this giant reveal is sure to baffle some (all) of us while we’re here wondering why He the director will be dropping a giant spoiler just weeks before the film hits theaters. Maybe it was jet lag that caused her lips to sag, or maybe she was questioned in a way she’d never been before but announcing such a shocking cameo was simply unbelievable.

We’ve known that for a long time Lightning will see the titular character Miller’s attempt to right the wrongs of the past by speeding through the multiverse. In turn, this decision would put him on a lightning trail with Batman Keaton and General Zod Shannon. While audiences have long speculated about the possibility of another long-lost character from DC making its way into the story, this is — frankly — an insane revelation.

Nicolas Cage in a Superman suit testing Superman Lives.

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What’s the Future of Superman?

Although Cage appears for an interesting albeit brief cameo Lightning, fans shouldn’t expect to see him in that role again. After James Gun And Peter Safran stepping in to take over DC Studios at the end of last year, changes were made to the trajectory the Man of Steel films would see Henry Cavill was not asked back to play a character he appeared to have appeared in in over a decade. Next up for Superman lore, Gunn will take the lead Superman: Inheritancea film he promised would be different to what the established version of the hero would be.

Check out the trailer for Lightning below and be sure to catch Cage in all his glory when the film hits theaters on June 16.

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