The Best Original Series from Every Major Streaming Service, Ranked


There was once a time when Netflix reigned supreme in streaming services. After successfully conquering the Blockbuster spot, Netflix enjoys eternal bliss. For the meantime. The TV landscape is changing with the rise of mobile content and social media apps. More and more people are moving around, leaving sitting in front of their TVs on Friday nights.

Netflix saw an opportunity to build its own quality shows and built its library with more than just old movies. With such early show success as an Emmy winner House of cards. At one point, Netflix became the foundation for shows, ditching regular TV. Networks saw this opportunity to create their own original shows in hopes of catching up to Netflix. In the years since many of the streaming services’ original programming have become major Academy Award-winning shows and helped build on the success of their respective networks.



Jerry Seinfeld and Barack Obama in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (1)

Combining comedians and vintage cars is proving to be a winning formula for the two streaming platforms. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a talk show format hosted by Jerry Seinfeld which centers on an iconic comedian chatting with a fellow comedian in a vintage sports car. The successful talk show spanned eleven seasons, moving from Crackle to Netflix after its ninth season.

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Many talk shows interview celebrities in an atmosphere that is out of date with the changing times. Seinfeld invites guests to a casual Sunday outing for conversation among friends and colleagues. From Seth Rogen to ex President Barack Obamathe exchange was a genuine mix of humor and easy nature. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee stay a breath of fresh air amidst the bustling landscape of late night talk shows.

9 Godfather of Harlem (MGM+)

Forest Whitaker is standing by the window with the curtains below the Godfather of Harlem-2

A tv prequel to the 2007 hit film American gangsters, Harlem godfather star Forest Whitaker as gangster Bumpy Johnson. Based on Bumpy Johnson’s life and real-life crimes, the show follows the crime lord as he builds his empire in 1960s Harlem.

Whitaker delivers his life-size performance as Bumpy Johnson in the larger-than-life and crime-ridden landscapes of Harlem. Drawing friends for The sidewalk empire And Soprano, Harlem godfather is a complex, spiraling web of storytelling. The show includes a stellar supporting cast Giancarlo Esposito And Vincent D’Onofrio.

8 Flight Attendant (HBO Max)

Cassie looked left at The Flight Attendant
Through Warner Bros Television

The Big Bang Theory alum set her sights on forging her own path as an alcoholic crime-solving flight attendant. In the Air hostessCassie (Kaley Cucco) finds himself caught up in a murder mystery after an alcoholic sees him retracing his steps the night before.

The show was an unexpected hit when it premiered on HBO Max, gaining massive viewership and strong ratings. Cucco’s performance earned her Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 2021 and 2022.

7 1883 (Highest+)

Image via Jefferson Chacon

In the early days of Paramount Network’s channel rebranding, an unexpected hit came with their show, Yellow Stone. After the success of yellow stone, Paramount is expanding the series with more Yellowstone programming.1883 premiered on Paramount+ as the first spin-off on Yellow Stone universe. Starring Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw And Faith Hillthe miniseries was marketed as a prequel to Explovise Yellow Stone.

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Massive build Yellow Stone After its success, Paramount recruited some of Hill and McGraw’s biggest country music stars and cast on Hollywood’s westernmost actor, Elliott, for a poignant story.1833 paying homage to the iconic Western Golden Age for modern audiences.

6 The Story of the Servant (Upstream)

Maid story (1)

Based on the novel of the same title, Handmaid’s story was a hit for Hulu right out of the gate. Starring Elizabeth Moss, the show is set in a dystopian future where, after the second American Civil War, a totalitarian society is established. The fertile women, known as Handmaids, were forced into childbearing slavery.

The show marked a milestone in the streaming service’s programming era, winning eight Primetime Emmy Awards in its first season, including becoming the first streaming service show to win an Outstanding Series.Handmaid’s story it has since become a great inspiration spark for many protests for women’s rights around the world.

5 Maisel’s Amazing Mother (Amazon Prime)

Image via Prime Video

Rachel Brosnahan starring as Miriam Maisel, a mother of two who discovers her talent for stand-up comedy in 1960s New York. While Maisel works in the New York comedy scene, this rising comic is trying to balance her career with work as a stay-at-home mom.

The Wonderful Mrs Maisel premiered in 2017 to rave reviews for its witty writing and excellent costume design. Since its debut, the show has continuously been nominated for several Academy Awards for writing, directing, and acting. A top contender for the Primetime Emmy every season, Amazon Prime continues to market the show as one of the best.

4 Poker Face (Peacock)

Charlie looks out the car window, scared, Cliff is driving beside him in a scene from Poker Face.

Ryan Johnson took his unique brand of crime-solving detective themes from his films and expanded them into a television format. Branded a “case of the week” murder mystery show, Poker face star Natasha Lyonna as on-the-lam casino worker Charlie Cale, with a knack for finding lies in people’s statements. As he tries to stay one step ahead of his crazy boss, Cale meets colorful characters along the way.

Drawing on themes from iconic shows like Colombo, Poker face giving Johnson the space to explore the world of character building as seen in hisKnife Out Mystery movie franchise. Each episode centers on the character Lyonne as many colorful characters, played by various actors, provide a whimsical story.

3 The Mandalorian (Disney+)

Grogu on IG-12 in The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 7
Image via Disney+

When Disney started its foray into the world of streaming services, it relied heavily on the most profitable franchises, star wars. Mandalorians star Pedro Pascals as the titular lone bounty hunter who becomes the guardian of a young child. The two travel the galaxy together, one step ahead of those who wish to harm them.

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Mandalorians became the mainstay of the Disney Plus platform, became one of the most profitable and popular series under Disney. The show has become a mainstay in pop culture and received many awards for its sound and production. Disney has since announced a slew of spin-off series it’s connected to Mandalorians and whole star wars universe.

2 Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt), Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), and Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) standing together in the locker room at 'Ted Lasso'
Picture via Apple TV+

Jason Sudeikis starring as leading man Ted Lasso, an American college football coach who heads to London to overhaul a struggling English Premiere football team. Ted Lasso became one of Apple TV+’s biggest hits and continues to be a fan favorite every year.

Sudeikis shone in his most iconic role and roamed the world of football abroad in England. The Emmy-winning show for its three seasons continues to excel in the eyes of critics and audiences alike. Ted Lasso’s first season earned more than 20 Primetime Emmy Awards, the first in Emmy Award history.

1 Stranger Things (Netflix)

Dacre Montgomery's Billy sacrifices himself for the Mind Flayer in Season 3 of 'Stranger Things'
Image via Netflix

Series by Brother Duffers helped build Netflix’s reputation as a powerhouse for original programming. Stranger Things centers around the residents of small town Hawkins, Indiana as they fight supernatural evil forces from an alternate dimension. The show has since established the household names of many of its actors.

While Netflix has had plenty of great original shows since its full foray into streaming, no show has come close to the cultural impact and influence of Stranger Things. With the era of social media, Stranger Things has lived a life of its own. The show has been used in various trends, memes and GIFs for expression and communication. The show was praised for its use of ’80s pop culture references and film themes. Stranger Things has won 12 Primetime Emmy Awards for sound, production, and editing.

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