‘Manifest’ Season 4 Review Part 2: A Thrilling Conclusion

After years of trials and tribulations brought upon them by a divine Call, the passengers of Flight 828 make their final descent on Netflix. Looks Season 4 Part 2. For five years, the “Divine Consciousness” (as they recently started calling it) has been testing the passengers, preparing them for the inevitable end of the world that coincides with their mysterious death date: June 2, 2024. They have learned a few things about how to play it, including the ability to survive as Zeke (Matt Long) do if they unquestioningly follow the Calling. But, the horrors of Meth Heads also teach our beloved vice-captain, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), that the passengers will be judged together when the day of their judgment comes.


Considering the mess the other passengers have created, some even escalating to murder, can the good outweigh the bad? That’s the driving force for much of this final episode, as the passengers attempt to keep up and complete as many Summons as possible, but a massive obstacle stands in their way.

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The Passengers Have a New Normal in ‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 2

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As we chased the passengers in Looks Season 4 Part 2, they are still struggling to adjust to their intense new normal. After the events of Part 1, which ended with Jared (JR Ramirez) witnessed a passenger being torn from his son as the passengers were apprehended, it’s no surprise they were treated like criminals, They were held, like prisoners, in a place called “Detention Center” solely for the passengers, controlled by the NSA from where they are not allowed to go. Each has been assigned a curtained box of space, divided into various sectors. They are allowed weekly visits from their loved ones: Olive (Luna Blaise) and Eden visit frequently, along with Stone patriarch Steve (Malachy Cleary). However, Cal (Ty Doran) were unable to see their father or aunt while they were detained because they were afraid that someone would find out their true identity.

In addition, passengers are being tested like guinea pigs. Sanvi (Parveen Kaur) has managed to secure himself a role in the doctor’s office, looking out for the best interests of as many passengers as possible as they undergo tests that the government hopes will better enable them to understand—and even benefit from—the Call. In the end, the situation is dire and savage, but it also might cost the lives of the passengers (and destroy the world, given the stakes). Since they weren’t allowed to leave, they weren’t allowed to follow their Call either. Instead, Dream (Ellen Tamaki) and Jared are part of the Callings Unit which attempts to resolve Callings on behalf of passengers — unsuccessfully, surprising no one. Even imbued with his omega sapphire gift, Cal has little to do with Calling, whereas the evil Angelina (Holly Taylor) is presumed dead and biding his time with a burning sapphire in his hand. Meanwhile, though Zeke’s untimely and heroic death doesn’t have the same world-shattering impact as Grace (Athena Karkanis) death indeed, it must have had an effect on Michaela. He struggled greatly with loss, comforted only by the conversations he shared with Zeke through the light. (Of course, this raises long-awaited questions about Michaela and Jared’s future.)

The last episode of ‘Manifest’ is gloomy, but still beautiful

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All in all, everything gloomyespecially in the first five episodes Looks Season 4 Part 2. (If Netflix only released half of these episodes earlier this would be a much different review.) Their life is full of despair and, frankly, becomes a bit hard to watch as the hits keep coming. In almost every episode, there is something big that makes the lives of the passengers more difficult than before. Still, the journey feels well worth it, and the character arcs in this season are some of the best. Many characters are explored in greater depth or given new roles in the story, which opens opportunities for passengers other than the Stones to shine. Despite this, the Stone brothers are still the vice-captains of the Lifeboat, relying on each other almost as much as the passengers rely on them to lead the way to their (hopefully) survival. After losing Grace and Zeke, they understand each other in a way they couldn’t before, which is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. On top of that, we also see how their entire lives build on this in many unexpected ways.

As the story develops to an epic conclusion, the cast commits to deliver a truly fantastical performance, somehow making us feel the various emotions of the passengers as they approach doomsday. Even with all the changes, and the high expectations that come with an apocalyptic story, Looks not losing what made the show special. The horrors in the passengers’ lives exceed hope and love, both for themselves and for their families. This experience, and especially the months trapped in the Detention Center, have bonded the passengers in new ways, which opened the door to new relationships. Things are handled on a much smaller scale, even with the fate of the world involved. It’s always about the passengers and their relationship, and it’s the relationship that drives the story through its conclusion in quite a beautiful way.

Looks Season 4 Part 2 is a thrilling, emotional and satisfying journey from start to finish. Despite the difficulties passengers face, it’s really fun to watch this last chapter, especially the last five episodes. That’s not to say things have gotten any less grim; if anything, things only got more dire as the death date drew closer. But, the story starts to climb, and it’s exciting to see the pieces of this puzzle fit together after so many years of waiting. As someone who has loved and been totally obsessed with this story since the pilot episode Looks premiered on NBC in 2018, I am very pleased with the conclusion to the story.

Does the show answer every question? No. Personally, I think this is just a complement to the story, letting our minds continue to wander even after the series has ended. What’s most important is that the journey for every character, even the ones lost along the way, feels invaluable (with one major exception, I’d say). And, after years of theorizing about how the story would play out, I’m thrilled And surprised. In fact, after finishing the series finale, I wanted to watch the entire show again – a sign of a great ending. i will miss Looks it’s a shame, but I’m so grateful to see a proper ending to this story after the cancellation of the series on NBC nearly cut it short.

Rating: A

Last episode of Looks premieres on Netflix on June 2.

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