It’s the Material World and ‘Barbie’ Has It All—Sorry Ken

Barbie is going to make a big impact when it hits the big screen this summer, but something about the property distribution between Barbie and Ken might not be as balanced as you’d think. During a recent interview with Vogue, Margot Robbie explains how, at the start of the upcoming blockbuster, Kens will have no name whatsoever, and everything in the lovely pink world will belong to Barbie. This would be consistent with how the characters are presented in their counterpart toys, where the focus remains on the titular doll. Here’s what Robbie had to say about the situation:

“The Ken family has a journey ahead of them. At the beginning of the movie, nobody thinks about Ken. Nobody worries about Ken. Ken doesn’t have a house. Or a car. Or a job. Or any kind of power. And, um, that would be kind of not sustainable.”

While most of the characters are comfortable with how things have been set up, leaving everything to Barbie may not be practical in the long run, leaving Kens without the possibility of helping them in a pinch. Ryan Gosling will be in charge of playing Robbie’s Barbie counterpart, as both are classified as “stereotypical” versions of their characters. The default labeling comes about due to the fact that, in their world, Barbie and Ken are classified according to their favorite hobbies or the roles they play in society at large.


Everything will start to come crashing down for Barbie one fateful day when she begins to question the reality she lives in. Once he started to wonder if the doll was mortal, or what its purpose was, he started changing, and it wasn’t something else. doll can feel comfortable with. His journey will eventually lead him and Ken to the human world, where they will cross paths with the top executives of a toy company played by Will Ferrell. Barbie has a lot to learn about how humans experience life before she can return to a world where everything is truly pink.

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Guest Star from Barbie

While Robbie and Gosling will be playing major versions of the toys on the big screen, their village is filled with variant characters played by top guest stars. Simu Liu will play a different Ken and, if the movie trailer holds up, this character will have problems with Gosling’s version of the character. Besides that, John Cena will give up vigilante play to play Mermaid Ken, who happens to be married to the Barbie Mermaid played by Dua Lipa. Some other unexpected appearances may surprise audiences at times Barbie premieres on July 21.

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