‘Devilreaux’ Trailer: Vengeful Spirit Tony Todd Has Unfinished Business


Horror icon Tony Todd ready to haunt the screens once again as a vengeful spirit in the upcoming Lionsgate slasher Devilreaux. New footage from Screen Rant shows him as the titular ghost who is brought back from the dead to seek revenge against the bloodline after a series of grizzly murders in the 1800s. When a group of teenagers accidentally awakened him through the use of forbidden voodoo, his curse continued, and he began to wreak havoc on all of those ancestors involved in the murders.

The trailer opens with a classic teen horror setting that places themself in a decidedly terrifying situation. After sneaking into a house, they begin fiddling with a Ouija board before getting into the main event – a ritual to summon the ghost of legend through a blood sacrifice. However, as soon as they open their arms, Devilreaux arrives with an unholy force that is wreaking havoc on the teenagers. The story of Devilreaux is a tragic tale not dissimilar to any of Todd’s favorites Candy man. Leonard, the man who would become Devilreaux, tried to save his family while they were still alive in the 1800s but was eventually shot and killed while trying to bring down their tormentor. Supernatural powers have kept him alive until he can end the bloodline of those who did it and his family, and from the looks of it, Todd will show no mercy to those who call him back even if it’s just for “games”.


Todd has continued to make a name for himself in the horror genre in the more than 30 years since becoming Daniel Robitaille. Thanks to her deep voice and unique energy and enthusiasm, she tends to lift almost any project, horror or not, she’s involved in Final destination to Rock. In addition to DevilreauxTodd also has The werewolf game coming that will see him play a sadistic judge officiating a twisted version of the game of social deduction werewolves.

Image via Lionsgate

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Who Else Joins Todd Devilreaux?

Devilreaux came from Thomas J. Churchill who previously co-authored Keony WaxmanNetflix action movie The Hard Way with Michael Jai Putih, Luke GossAnd Randy Couture starring. Todd will share the screen this time with Vincent M. Wardwhich he previously starred in Satan lives And Death Houseas good Jon Briddell, Meghan CarrasquilloAnd Jackie Quinones. As well as playing an important role, Ward also co-wrote and developed the story with Churchill.

Devilreaux will appear in theaters and digitally on June 9 while a DVD release will follow on July 18. Check out the trailer below.


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