Top Gun 2 Release Date Australia


The Top Gun sequel, Top Gun 2: Maverick, will finally be available in Australia on May 27 2022. The movie was initially set to come out in July 2019, but the delayed release has prompted Paramount Pictures to change the date. Director Christopher McQuarrie said that he wanted to spend more time working on the complicated flight sequences of the new film. Despite this change, the movie will be released in Australia on the same day as the US and UK.

top gun 2 release date australia

In the past, the release date for Top Gun: Maverick was delayed several times. In April of 2020, the film was scheduled for release, but then was bumped up to November of the same year. This delay was caused by the fact that the movie’s release date overlapped with the release date of Mission: Impossible 7, which was delayed to May 27. The movie was eventually released 45 days later on November 19, 2021.

Top Gun: Maverick is set to arrive in Australia on November 18, 2021. Netflix and Apple TV+ have both reportedly attempted to buy the film’s rights. Until the film is ready for home screens, it will be released in theatres on November 18. It will then be available on all three major streaming services. The movie will also be available on Apple TV+ and Netflix. If it lands in Australia, it will likely be the most anticipated sequel of the decade.


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