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From more episodes of House of the Dragon to the premiere of Los Espookys, here are the best TV series coming to HBO Max in September 2022.
With September days away, the fall television line-ups will bring a surprising change to streaming channels. According to VSN, streaming platforms are returning to the classic linear release format over releasing an entire season at once. HBO Max and Disney+ are at the forefront of this return to the classic format with one episode being released every week on a specific day. Though Disney+ has been doing this for some time, with HBO Max following suit increasingly, the fall TV premieres and their viewing numbers should be interesting.
Due to this reintroduction of classic releases, HBO Max will premiere many of their fall shows in late-August, with the series’ continuing through September. In early August 2022, Warner Bros announced that their pandemic-based experiment with HBO Max would be ending. Thus, films like Wonder Woman 1984 would be taken off the streaming platform, Movie Guide explains. As the experiment is ending, the possibilities for original content from HBO to stream exclusively on the platform are endless. For now, let's look at the best TV series coming to HBO Max in September 2022.
The multi-talented Selena Gomez has been quite busy in 2022. With her murder mystery Only Murders in the Building in its second season on Hulu, Gomez took time to film the fourth season of her HBO Max series Selena + Chef. This season features aan exciting line-up of celebrity chefs, including Adrienne Cheatham, Paolo Velez, and Priya Krishna. Season 4 premiered on August 18, and its final four episodes will release on HBO Max on September 1.
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Practically two years after its first season, the Houston-based reality show The House of Ho will premiere its second season in late-August and release several episodes over a three-week period (September 1, then September 8). In addition to the original House of Ho cast returning, new family members and their partners will be introduced in the second season. The second season promises to be filled with more drama as the celebration of an engagement kicks things off.
The highly anticipated prequel to the massively successful Game of Thrones is finally here! Of all the major houses on Game of Thrones, the House of Targaryen is the most intriguing. In this fantasy world, the Targaryens have the last of the known dragons and are battling it out amongst themselves for the Iron Throne. Based on George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood, House of the Dragon had its series premiere on August 21, and will continue with weekly episode releases, starting September 4. Fans of the original series as well as the books are in for a treat, especially when the trailer looks this intense.
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Season 2 of Industry premiered in August 2022, but will continue through September, starting on the fifth, until the season finale is released on September 19. During the first season, a group of interns fought for the limited and coveted positions at a prestigious financial institution. As the second season is still in its early days, the drama is just beginning for the interns and their colleagues, both professionally and personally.
After a three-year hiatus, Los Espookys is returning for a second season. The comedy follows four friends who stage horror shows for the public, and stars Cassandra Ciangherotti, Ana Fabrega (co-creator), Julio Torres (co-creator), and Bernardo Velasco. Season 2 will be spookier than the first, and will release weekly episodes starting September 16.
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