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AMC+ is dropping plenty of new great movies to add to our list just in time for the fall. From Rubikon to Sissy, let’s take a look at what’s in store.
Fans will be delighted to know that AMC has announced an array of new critically-acclaimed dramas, old classic franchises, AMC originals, and new film collections coming to the AMC+ streaming service this September. AMC+ has really taken off in the last year, with a slew of strong original films and television making it one of the best of any newer streaming platform. Across its channels, we're going to be able to snuggle up and dig in to a new slate of compelling and highly-anticipated movies, just in time for the fall. If viewers need something new and exciting to add to their must-watch list, here are some of the best heading your way next month.
When disaster hits and Earth drowns in a toxic fog, it's up to a space station crew to make a fatal decision — risk their lives and head into the deadly fog for survivors, or remain safe and sound in their station, Rubikon. In this sharp sci-fi thriller, Hannah, Gavin, and Dimitri battle with themselves and each other to make a choice, they begin to question their morals and the chances of there even being any survivors. The cleverly allegorical Rubikon appeared at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival and will be making its way to our screens to show us what happens when the world drastically comes to an end.
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Official Competition (Competencia oficial) is a Spanish comedy directed by Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn. The story follows a multimillionaire entrepreneur, Humberto Suárez, who makes a spontaneous decision to create a movie, hoping to ensure that he leaves behind a reputation for himself. He seeks eccentric filmmaker Lola Cuevas to direct his enthusiastic screenplay, which is adapted from an award-winning novel about a man who is not willing to forgive his brother for his reckless drunk-driving accident that killed their parents.
However, as rehearsals begin, Suárez soon realizes this is not the glamorous, legacy-worthy movie he had dreamed of making when his actors (who play the brothers) begin to act like real conflicting siblings, as they differ in their acting methods. Despite their amazing talent, their quarrels cause tension; will his movie go ahead? With a brilliant cast and fabulous acting, this fun meta movie is not one to miss next month.
You Don't Nomi is a documentary film that details the history of iconic 1995 erotic drama, Showgirls. Directed by Jeffrey McHale, the documentary features the cast of the original film through archival footage and documents the journey of Showgirls as it made its way from a cult classic all the way to fame. The documentary looks back almost 30 years ago when Joe Esterhas and Paul Verhoeven released their notorious, majorly erotic movie about a dancer who arrives in LA hoping to get her big break in the world.
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While Showgirls initially received negative reviews and gob-smacked audience reactions, largely due to its high level of nudity (resulting in an NC-17 rating), You Don't Nomi chronicles its complicated and struggling journey, and just how it became one of the most well-known cult movies today. Entertaining and informative, You Don't Nomi might just be better than the film it documents.
The upcoming action movie Section Eight follows a former soldier who is sent to prison for avenging the murder of his family. However, he soon comes into a bit of luck and has the opportunity to get out when a sneaky government agency recruits him for an assignment, strictly off-the-books. Desperate for any excuse to leave, he takes the job but quickly realizes that the government's Section Eight isn't exactly what it seems. For any fans looking for a bit of intense, action-packed fun, Section Eight is a must-see, throwing Ryan Kwanten, Durmot Mulroney, Mickey Rourke, Scott Adkins, and Dolph Lundgren together for some great fight scenes.
Cecilia and Emma: childhood best friends, connected forever with nothing standing in their way. That's until Alex appears on the scene. A Shudder original, Sissy follows Cecelia 12 years later, now a successful social media influencer using her experience of being bullied by Alex throughout highs as motivation to promote mental well-being and eye-opening stories online. However, when she randomly runs into Emma, her life changes.
As their friendship falls back into place, Cecilia is invited to Emma's bachelorette party in a cabin up in the mountains — big mistake. Alex hasn't changed much from a high-school bully, she begins to make her weekend a real life nightmare. Cecelia finds herself in a position that she quickly realizes is a bit worse than school, as she suddenly discovers that there's nowhere to run to, and nowhere to escape. Entertaining and surprisingly intense, this interesting twist on a classic slasher will be the perfect horror movie to lead up to October and Halloween.
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