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Shudder delivers fresh offerings for September 2022. Here are the best films joining the ranks, from The Devil’s Rejects to Perfect Blue.
Shudder was all about Stephen King and George Romero in August 2022. But as the year transitions into fall, the horror streaming service also switches up its offerings. Along with anticipated exclusives like 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments and Queer for Fear, Shudder kicks off the early beginnings of the spooky season with some decent movies ranging from Rob Zombie gore fests to thought-provoking anime hits. Here are the best films joining Shudder's library in September 2022.
Lady in White might not be as well known among general audiences, but it offers a compelling ghost story nonetheless. Directed, produced, written and scored by Frank LaLoggia, the 1988 film transports viewers to 1962, where a young boy becomes involved in the mystery surrounding a series of child murders. Lady in White favors creeping suspense over gore, which only adds to its charm.
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2005's The Devil's Rejects marks the second installment in Rob Zombie's famed Firefly film series. The film picks up after the events of its precursor, House of 1000 Corpses, as the Firefly family continues their murder spree at a desert motel. The Devil's Rejects is one of the few sequels hailed as superior to the original film, and it certainly showcased Zombie's growth as a director. Since its release, the film has been called "deranged," "sick," and "grisly," all adjectives that perfectly represent what makes Rob Zombie such a hit among genre fans.
The Lords of Salem joins Shudder's library alongside other Rob Zombie offerings, including the aforementioned The Devil's Rejects and 31. Released in 2012, the film follows the DJ of a radio station as she crosses paths with a coven of Satan worshipers. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, the movie takes cues from the infamous Salem Witch Trials with a very Rob Zombie touch. The Lords of Salem's more limited gore makes it one of Zombie's more retrained films, but it delivers all the expected tropes, such as the director's obvious love of villains over heroes.
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The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue is a Spanish-Italian zombie film sometimes called Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. Regardless of what it's called, the 1974 film is considered a standout during a decade filled to the brim with zombie fare. It focuses on a pair of hippies who are accused of a series of killings that undoubtedly nod to the Manson family murders. However, as the police close in, it becomes apparent that the real killers are zombies brought to life with ultrasonic radiation. While it might feel familiar to Night of the Living Dead fans, The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue delivers a unique spin on the subgenre and is credited with kickstarting Italy's zombie movie craze in the '80s.
Directed by the revered Satoshi Kon, 1997's Perfect Blue is a standout in his filmography. The film follows a pop star whose life is plagued by surrounding murders and a mysterious stalker as she leaves the music world behind for acting. Perfect Blue is well-loved by critics and fans alike, as it doesn't shy away from exploring heavy themes like toxic fandoms and the weight of celebrity. The film's influence is far-reaching, extending into American pop culture with films like Requiem for a Dream. As such, Perfect Blue is a must-watch, even for those less familiar with anime.
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