Bachchan Pandey Release Date


The release date of Bachchan Pandey is yet to be announced, but the movie is releasing on February 9, 2022. While the movie had originally been set for 25 December 2020, the original date was changed to 22 January 2021 due to the Corona epidemic. So, when will Bachchan Pandey be released? Let’s take a look at the new poster and see if it matches the latest movie trailer.

bachchan pandey release date

The makers of the film have announced the date of the movie Bachchan Pandey on Tuesday. The film was earlier scheduled to hit theaters on March 4, but the makers have decided to move up the release date. The new date is Holi Day, so the movie is set for an early spring release. Akshay Kumar is playing the role of a goodhearted villager who is fighting for the safety of his fiancee’s family. He also fights the rivals of his father.

The trailer for Bachchan Pandey has created a lot of buzz and excitement in the audience. The film will be a remake of the Tamil film Veeram. It will have a different cast and screenplay than the original. However, the movie is set to be more family-friendly, which may explain its popularity among audiences. In the movie, Akshay Kumar plays a villagers who wants to protect their family. His character is a bit different from the one in Tashan, but many fans are speculating that this is a sequel to that film.


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