Alchemy of Souls Episode 9 Release Date Philippines and Everything We Know So Far

When is Alchemy Of Souls Episode 9 coming out? Netflix has announced that it will be available for streaming on 16 February 2022. If you are interested in watching this epic fantasy series, you should keep checking back for news on its release date and previous episodes. The season is already planned for Season 2, so keep an eye out for new episodes. You can also catch up on the previous episodes by reading our Alchemy Of Souls episode 9 review.

Season 1 premieres on tvN on July 16, 2022

“Eve” explores the inner workings of a public divorce lawsuit involving several members of a large family-owned business conglomerate. The show centers on Lee, who is driven by her desire to bring down the CEO of the megacorporation LY Group, who has been responsible for the tragic circumstances that have befallen her family. Season 1 premieres on tvN on July 16, 2022, and will also be available on Viu in some regions.

The series stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Sophie, a forensic scientist who is recovering from a traumatic accident. As she struggles to recollect her past, she discovers that her story isn’t completely accurate. The show was created by Veronica West, who co-created “High Fidelity.” It will premiere with three episodes, and new episodes will be released every Friday.

Season 2 is already planned

The cast of the drama is already set to return for season two. In fact, most of the actors from the first season are set to return for season two. Go Yoon-Jung, who played the role of Shadow Assassin Nak-Su, will be returning for the second season as the lead character. Jung So-Min, who played the role of Mu-Deok in the first season, will not be joining the cast of season two, according to Blossom Entertainment Corp.

In an interview with Naver News, director Park Joon-hwa confirmed that the drama would have a second season. Although the first part will end later this month, there is no official date for the second part. However, it is expected that the drama will continue as a ten-episode serial. So, you can already look forward to a second season with ten episodes of Alchemy of Souls!

Previous episodes

The first season of the fantasy K-drama, “Alchemy of Souls”, has concluded and we’re left wondering what’s next. Set in a fictional nation named Daeho, the story follows the journey of two young magicians, Nak Soo and Go Yoon Jung. The show premiered on tvN in June 2022 and has already surpassed the ten episode mark. If you haven’t seen it yet, here are the most recent episodes.

In the previous episodes, Jang Uk has managed to defeat the Crown, and now he’s ready to enter the Songrim. Before, he was unable to control his powers, and his soul was paining him. Now, he has complete control over his body and mind and can even consume power. The show continues in this vein and will probably be as complex as its previous episodes. There are two main casts – Hwang Min-Hyun as Jang Uk and Moon Seong-Hyun as the young Seo Yool.

Release date

There is an Alchemy of Souls episode 9 release date confirmed, and it is the 16th of July 2022. The new episode will follow the fate of two people. “Hwanhonsool” refers to the souls retrieved from the living, and the story of the upcoming episode is sure to be an exciting one. The cast of the new episode is given below.

The upcoming season of this K-Drama is a fantasy based action and fantasy drama that is a little bit darker than other dramas. It revolves around a boy named Jang Wook. He is born into a noble family and holds a dark secret. He becomes troublemaker and ends up entangling with an elite warrior who teaches him how to fight. The show has elements of fantasy and horror, and its characters are thrown into a bizarre adventure.


In the latest episode of “Alchemy of Souls,” Jang Wook continues to rival his young master. In this episode, we’ll see how their feelings for one another grow. And, we can’t wait to see what happens to the protagonists’ hearts! Here are the details we know so far. Hopefully, they’ll bring you some spooky fun!

The ALCHEMY OF SOULS episode 9 release date has been confirmed. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next installment of the fantasy drama. The cast and crew of the show have confirmed that they’re all looking forward to it, and we’re excited to see what happens next! Below, we’ve listed the cast of the new episode, so you can start preparing for the release.

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