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Morbius Review: Superhero Movie with Bad Story

Morbius Review: Superhero Movie with Bad Story

After several delays, Morbius has finally officially aired on our favorite cinema screens. Since this project was first announced by Sony Pictures, I honestly have quite high expectations for this film starring Jared Leto. So, was my expectation paid with satisfaction, or did it end in misfortune?

Before entering the review round, it’s better if I first tell you a brief synopsis of this film. So, Morbius tells about the life journey of Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) since he was a young man who was “ill” until he transformed into a vampire who was always thirsty for blood.

When he was young, he befriended Loxios “Milo” Crown (Matt Smith), a boy who comes from a wealthy family but is also as “ill” as Morbius. The disease they suffer from is so rare that it makes it difficult for them to just walk, let alone carry out other activities in daily life. Therefore, Morbius promised his friend to find a medicine that could cure them.

Unfortunately, the healing drug that Morbius created was made from a mixture of human and bat DNA. As a result, when he conducts experiments directly on himself, he immediately turns into a scary figure and does not hesitate to kill humans as long as his desire to suck blood can be achieved. What happened next? Just watch the film.

Broadly speaking, this film has several advantages and disadvantages that I immediately felt. The main advantage that is the “life” of this film is the acting of Jared Leto and Matt Smith, which I think are very passionate about their respective roles. Leto managed to bring the figure of Michael Morbius who was always weak, tired, lethargic, very convincingly.

Just by the way he walked, I could tell right away that the man had a very worrying health problem inside of him. Then, when entering the middle stage, where Leto had to play the scary and scary Morbius, he again managed to wow me and really showed two different personalities. No wonder the man, who turns out to be 50 years old, won the Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor in 2014. His talent in acting is indeed extraordinary, as is his level of good looks.

For Matt Smith, although not really as good as Leto, he also managed to portray the figure of Milo with the right portion. His emotions when he declared himself to be someone who felt “discarded” was quite draining and managed to win my sympathy. The story of his friendship with the main character is also quite well described, although the duration of the scene that shows their closeness as two friends is actually not that long. However, I can quite feel the chemistry that exists between the two characters.

If those are the advantages, then what are the disadvantages of this film directed by Daniel Espinosa? In my opinion, Morbius does not have a strong script and a storyline that tends to be ordinary. The adventures of Morbius as the scary vampire are not shown so much, so the audience has not been able to fully fall in love with the character. Likewise, the romance that was created between Morbius and his assistant, Martine Bancroft (Adria Arjona), which unfortunately did not stick in my heart and mind. The romance that they have shown several times has not been able to make me feel their intimacy completely, let alone feel close to both of them. In short, don’t even try to compare Morbius to The Batman in terms of storytelling conflicts, because you will get very contrasting results.

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