Waking Up From Work, NCT’s Jaehyun’s New Post Makes You Laugh

NCT’s Jaehyun Managed To Make Fans Laugh For The New Portrait He Shared Through His Personal Instagram Account Because He Seemed To Be Carrying Out His Activities Right After Waking Up.

Every upload of K-Pop idols through their personal Instagram accounts always manages to get the attention of fans. Moreover, the idol is known to be quite rarely active on Instagram, his new uploads are of course immediately highlighted.

This time, the successful NCT Jaehyun was highlighted because of his new upload through his personal Instagram account. Jaehyun seemed to share portraits and black and white videos in his new upload.

In the shared portrait, Jaehyun is seen making up for his activities. The handsome idol born in 1997 alluded to the nightmare in his upload.

” It must have been a nightmare, ” said the idol under SM Entertainment.

Jaehyun’s words seem to be due to the condition of his face when he made up. The reason is, the side of his face looks like something that has just woken up. Jaehyun seems to be coding that getting over his facial condition for makeup might be hard.

The fans immediately burst out laughing at Jaehyun’s hilarious behavior. Not a few have mentioned that Jaehyun might go straight to work after waking up. So, his face is still imprinted on the pillow.

(Slide 1) POV: photo’in husband secretly when he just woke up, wow, ” explained another.

” Sleep so soundly, it’s almost like tasting, ” said another. ” Jaehyun’s face can also be traced, ” said another. ” Ayang, we’re just sleeping after sleep, ” said another.

Meanwhile, not a few fans expressed their joy because Jaehyun seemed to be increasingly active in sharing his new portrait on his personal Instagram. Previously, Jaehyun was known to be one of the members of NCT who was not very active in sharing new uploads on Instagram.

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