TWICE’s Nayeon Shows The Must-Have Items In Her Bag


Some Of The Items That Nayeon Exhibited Ranged From Ordinary Glasses To Super Stylish Sunglasses. One Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions Is About Her Favorite Contact Lens.

Recently, TWICE ‘s Nayeon carried the old school style and showed fans a video “What’s In My Bag?”. Here, the “Scientist” singer shows off all her favorite items, which can’t be separated from her.

Some of the items that Nayeon exhibited ranged from ordinary glasses to super stylish sunglasses. One of the most frequently asked questions of the idol is about his favorite contact lens.

“I only use these two types. On normal days, I wear a rich brown color…and I very often wear [the gray one] when I’m doing photoshoots and on stage,” said Nayeon.

Even though she’s been trying to eat less lately, Nayeon revealed some of her favorite things to eat including the Japanese squid snack from Momo . He also loves early gray caramel and all kinds of chewing gum.

Of course, Nayeon couldn’t forget to add her favorite drink. “I like all kinds of drinks, but my favorite is Capri Sun! I drink this about two every day,” said the 1995-born singer.

Funnily enough, fans also asked to see his favorite toothpaste brand. Nayeon showed off her Louis Vuitton backpack, complete with a matching teddy bear and poodle keychain. In his bag, he always carries an English flashcard to help him study.

Apart from that, she showed off some of her cute accessories. “This one is my favorite scarf. I like this color and it’s very warm. Mina gave it to me as a gift,” said Nayeon.

Finally, fans are also interested in the collection of stationery. From the white-out in the shape of a carrot to the pink pen with her name on it, all of the items depicted Nayeon’s figure.


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