TWICE Momo’s Secret To Lose Belly Fat Revealed, Netizens: Don’t Try It!

Momo Managed To Amaze Many People With Her Figure Of Body Goals. Whenever Asked For Tips So That His Stomach Is Not Distended, He Always Recommends This One Sport.

It’s no secret that the TWICE members all have amazing bodies. But Momo ‘s secret to getting rid of her belly fat successfully stole the attention of netizens.

Momo never fails to amaze people with her incredible waist and hourglass figure. Her stomach is also very flat and toned.

Whenever Momo is asked for tips to keep her stomach from getting distended, she always recommends this one sport, rainbow planks. According to Momo, just doing this is already making you sweat.

Momo often shows her moves on variety shows. This step is the secret to losing belly fat, he claims. But with a note, it must be done 150 times every day.

Momo’s secret was also confirmed by Jihyo . On the live broadcast, Jihyo mentioned the move as one that was recommended to her by Momo. After testing it, Jihyo told fans that the effect was real.

“Momo told me about this, you can do a regular plank for a while, then once you’re done, don’t sit back but go straight to the rainbow plank. If you do it around 30, you’ll start sweating,” Jihyo said.

“That’s how hard it is. I do about 3 sets (a day) or 4 if I’m in good condition that day and after doing that for about two weeks, my belly fat is gone,” continued the TWICE leader.

Well, if Jihyo himself justifies it, it must be true. But netizens commented that they felt pain just by seeing Momo make this move.

“I did it once and my face turned red,” commented netizen. “Just looking at it makes my back hurt,” added another netizen. “If you have a bad back, don’t do it, you might get hurt,” wrote one netizen.

“Never do that. Momo and TWICE are children who have worked out with famous fitness trainers,” said another. “I want to be like Momo, but I can’t do it,” concluded another.

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