This Scene From ‘The Batman’ Has Disappointed Some Viewers Of Asian Pacific Descent, As It Shows A Gang Targeting Asian Men For Their Deadly Rituals.


Matt Reeves’ film featuring Robert Pattinson as the main character, ” The Batman “, has been a huge success at the box office since its release a few days ago. But apparently, there is one scene that actually reaps controversy.

One of the opening scenes of “The Batman” shows a resident of Gotham trying to get on the train home on Halloween night. However he was apparently surrounded by a group of thugs. Until then Batman came and defeated the gang before they killed the man.

However, Batman is actually considered a savior who has no sympathy and can be said to be as scary as the gang. This early scene has disappointed some viewers of Asian Pacific descent, as the gang targets an Asian man for their deadly ritual. At a time when Asian Americans have seen the spike in violence leveled against them, some viewers and even critics find the scene at its most insensitive.

” I think it’s OK for a film to use trigger imagery if it has something to say on the topic! ” said critic David Chen. ” But #TheBatman says absolutely nothing about #StopAAPIHate other than: White people need to do more than beat the attackers “.

” I am half Asian and my mother has been verbally and physically assaulted in public, ” another netizen continued. “ I really take the opposite point of view. I wish there was someone who would also help when my mother was cursed at by a group of people. Heroes exist to defend the weak. ”

There are also fans who emphasize that there is nothing wrong with what Batman does in that scene. Instead, the scene shows that violence against Asians still occurs in real life.

” Film directors know that there has been an increase in Asian hate crimes in the US and it’s getting worse, ” one person said. ” So he brought it up in the movies to make sure people know that there are more and more hate crimes these days. There’s nothing wrong with that film at all. “


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