This is the reason BLACKPINK didn’t make a comeback in a full year from Lee Hi’s shocking statement


BLACKPINK has been without a comeback for a year and has made fans angry with YG Entertainment ‘s treatment.

Every time BLACKPINK makes a comeback , their song becomes a world hit and attracts global attention.

Different from other Kpop idol groups, BLACKPINK doesn’t make a comeback every year, the last time they released a song in October 2020 with ‘Lovesick Girls’.

BLINKs started looking for the real reason BLACKPINK didn’t make a comeback for a year , and they found it through Lee Hi ‘s surprising statement .

However, is it really YG Entertainment ‘s fault for treating BLACKPINK badly without a comeback ?

BLACKPINK fans got the answer to that question through Lee Hi .

Reported by from Kbizoom Lee Hi shared his story during his time as a YG Entertainment artist and it relates to why BLACKPINK has not made a comeback for up to a year.

Lee Hi is a former YG Entertainment artist who is now joining the AOMG label.

Fans felt sorry for Lee Hi during her time as a YG Entertainment artist , because they believed that Lee Hi had talent that was wasted while at the company.

He hasn’t had many comebacks to showcase his talent as well as his songwriting.

Lee Hi then explained about the YG Entertainment artist ‘s comeback schedule and defended the company when a fan said the company treated him unfairly.

Lee Hi replied and confirmed that YG Entertainment treated her well, the company invested in her and gave her a lot of support early in her career.

He continued that the reason YG Entertainment artists rarely have a comeback schedule is because each artist’s promotional activities take about two months.

This shows that there are only five YG Entertainment artists who make a comeback in a year .

In addition, Lee Hi also conveyed that fans would not misunderstand and emphasized that he was not a victim like what they thought.

After hearing Lee Hi ‘s explanation, fans felt a little understanding about the YG Entertainment artist ‘s comeback schedule .

However, some who are BLINKs are still disappointed because BLACKPINK ‘s comeback schedule is not clear.

The YG Entertainment agency always provides stunning comeback performances for all of its fans.

Like Lisa’s solo song ‘LALISA’ which looks stunning with beautiful clothes and music video background.

Likewise with Rosè’s ‘On the Ground’, IKON ‘Why Why Why’, TREASURE ‘My Treasure’, WINNER, AKMU ‘Nakka’ and other YG Entertainment artists.

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