The Idea To Unite Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman In One Screen Was Not Only The Desire Of The Director But Was Also Enthusiastically Welcomed By Reynolds Himself.


Good news has just come out for fans of ” Deadpool 3 “. The reason, Ryan Reynolds “has been confirmed to be back working with director Shawn Levy.

Not only that, Levy seemed to be building other hopes when he expressed his desire to bring together Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in a Marvel movie.

” The Adam Project ” previously saw the director and actor work together again, following in the footsteps of their collaboration on ” Free Guy “. Levy seemed very enthusiastic when talking about the possibility of working with Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in an interview with Comic Book for “The Adam Project”.

The director reveals how Jackman contributed to uniting him with the Deadpool star. When asked how the ” Wolverine ” actor sneaked into “Free Guy”, Levy was asked when he would reunite the two stars in one of his films again.

“I won’t say where or how, but I will absolutely confirm my intention and determination to be the luckiest person to ever be able to bring these two incredible gods together in the same film,” Levy said. “It will happen, and I will make it happen.”

This idea was greeted with great enthusiasm by Reynolds. In an interview with the same outlet he called the idea amazing and if it materialized, it would be like a dream come true. Meanwhile, Jackman has spoken about a possible return as Wolverine in the Marvel Studios project. In a conversation with Jake’s Takes, Jackman unfortunately said he won’t be wearing the Wolverine costume any time soon.

Returning to “Deadpool 3″, this film has been in development for many years. ” Deadpool ” itself is a franchise that experienced a fairly difficult journey.

The last film came out in 2018 and starred Reynolds alongside Zazie Beetz and Josh Brolin . The film grossed an insane amount of nearly 800 million dollars worldwide, but the franchise was disrupted by the Fox/Disney merger in 2019.


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