Sunhwa Visits Brother In The Military, Peek At The Contents Of The Bejibun Seungwoo VICTON’s Lunch


Adorably, The Two Brothers Sunhwa And Seungwoo VICTON Again Showed Their Solidarity When Sunhwa Visited Her Younger Brother At The Military Base.

During his military service, VICTON ‘s Seungwoo totally stopped his activities in the music industry. Although he is now busy with his mandatory military activities, Seungwoo continues to receive support from the public, including his older sister.

On Saturday (12/3), Seungwoo updated the upload on his Instagram with two pictures. In the photo, he is seen with his older sister, Sunhwa , who poses to show their joy.

“I’m eating well. Thank you,” wrote Seungwoo in the photo caption. From the photo, Sunhwa seems to have visited Seungwoo at his military base with a homemade lunch box.

However, what steals the focus is how Sunhwa treats her younger brother’s sweet behavior well. Even the contents of the food supplies looked full and varied, so it’s not surprising that fans can be tempted by Sunhwa’s cooking.

Sunhwa had previously also posted uploads when visiting Seungwoo on her Instagram in January. These two brothers continue to show off their adorable sibling bond.

As is well known, this is not the first time the sisters have shown off their sweet and adorable brotherly bond. Sunhwa even often mentions about Seungwoo’s career who also jumped as an idol like him first.

Thanks to the appearance of the contents of Seungwoo’s lunch box, many commented on this and expressed that they were very jealous of Sunhwa’s sister. They wish they had a sister as beautiful and caring as Sunhwa.

“How cute is Sunhwa bringing lunch for her sister, very sweet,” commented a fan. “Give me an older sister like Sunhwa,” wrote another. “It’s good to see this harmony! I hope you are always in good health, yes!” other comments. “Aaa I want to have a sister like Sunhwa unnie. Seungwoo is a sweet sister,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, Seungwoo officially started his military service as a member of the army music corps on July 28, 2021. He will complete his military service in January 2023.


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