‘SMTM’ And ‘High School Rapper’ Contestants Conduct Suicide Attempts, Police Say This

A Contestant Rapper ‘Show Me The Money’ And ‘High School Rapper’ Attempted Suicide On Wednesday (16/3) Morning. The Residence Was Reportedly Partially Burnt.

A contestant on the survival program ” Show Me The Money ” and ” High School Rapper ” has reportedly attempted suicide. His attempts to end his life were thwarted by his housemates.

According to news portals iMBC and iNews24 , an 18-year-old rapper who had participated in the shows “Show Me The Money” and “High School Rapper” attempted suicide at his officetel on Wednesday (16/3) at around 4:20 local time. . Soon the experiment was prevented by a housemate who was sleeping in the same room. No doubt this news shocked the public.

The attempt to commit suicide was carried out by setting himself on fire. The fire was extinguished by his roommate, but part of the officetel and the things that were there were burned. Until now, the rapper is declared to have no health problems.

Shortly thereafter, police officers were dispatched to the crime scene (TKP) after receiving the report. It turned out that the report was made by the rapper himself and his roommate voluntarily.

Until now, the Gangnam Police are still investigating the incident. After getting information from the two, the police asked them to return home.

“You will decide whether or not we will impose a sentence on the arson charge after knowing the exact details of this incident,” the Gangnam Police said.

If the rapper is found not to have attempted suicide, he could be charged with arson. Although it was not stated how serious the damage was to the owner, this problem was apparently quite serious.

Meanwhile, there are no further details regarding the identity of the rapper. Related parties also did not mention in what season he competed in “SMTM”. So it is not known and estimated who the rapper in question is.

The phenomenon of attempted suicide among South Korean celebrities is not just once or twice. Former AOA member , Kwon Mina had shocked netizens because she had repeatedly attempted suicide but was saved.

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