Netizens Respond To DONGKIZ’s Popularity Thanks To Jaechan For Starring In ‘Semantic Error’

The Attention That DONGKIZ Received Has Also Become The Spotlight Of Netizens On The Theqoo Site. Not A Few Of Them Admitted That They Wanted To Support The Group After Watching Jaechan’s Acting In ‘Semantic Error.’

DONGKIZ is slowly rising as another group receiving recognition. The group showed an unusual momentum when the songs “LUPIN” released in March 2020 and “CRAZY NIGHT” released in July last year, re-entered the charts of Korean music streaming sites.

The title song of the album vol.5 “CHASE EPISODE1. GGUM”, “CRAZY NIGHT” ranked 21st on the Real-Time Bugs Chart at 17:00 on March 14, followed by the digital single “LUPIN,” which also ranked at No. -98, marking the birth of a new group that received late recognition.

In addition to re-entering Korean music sites, “LUPIN” recorded a cumulative 1 million streams on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform, making DONGKIZ’s global activities highly anticipated. Also, “CHASE EPISODE1. GGUM” is ranked 5th on BEATROAD – a record sales company, after MONSTA X , SEVENTEEN (II) , NCT , and TXT proving its popularity.

It seems that DONGKIZ’s popularity in Korea and abroad is a result of the popularity of Jaechan , who starred in Watcha’s original series ” Semantic Error. ” Jae Chan perfectly took on the role of Cho Sang Woo who showed irreplaceable chemistry and charm with Park Seo Ham , who played Jang Jae Young’s role and received enthusiastic reactions from fans.

The attention that DONGKIZ received has apparently also become the spotlight of netizens on the Theqoo community site. Not a few of them admitted that they wanted to support the group after watching Jaechan’s acting in “Semantic Error.”

“The name of the group feels like a stab in the back for them. I saw their performance and they were all good, the other members are also good but more importantly their song is good!!! I hope they find success,” commented a netizen.

“I was curious about ‘LUPIN’ and went to watch the fancam on Youtube. I was surprised that it was my type, kekekeke. I also wondered if their ‘Immortal Song’ performance would be a huge success? How are they so good?” another netizen said.

“Jaechan-ah, auntie will buy your album!!!! You deserve a comeback!!!” netizens exclaimed. “have liked this guy for a number of years, and I know the group too, glad to see it finally work,” said another.

“Jaechan please success, comeback in April!!!!! Grandma bought your album!” said netizens. “Sangchu-yah, grandma will definitely buy your album… I watch your drama happily and I will support your main work too,” added another.

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