Love Island Season 4 Cast Announced!

The new season of Love Island USA has been announced, with a new cast of Islanders. The cast features three new faces: Andy, a 23-year-old Minneapolis realtor and model, Courtney Boerner (23), a Los Angeles stylist and personal assistant, and Felipe, a 32-year-old former professional soccer player. The new season will air on Paramount+ and CBS, and will premiere on July 7 at 9:30/8:30c.

In the new season, the cast meets many new people and faces the challenges of the show. The contestants are faced with drama, temptations, and challenges as they try to make romantic connections with other islanders. Various challenges and naughty games will be played in the show, and viewers will have the power to vote for their favorite islanders. The show will also feature a few former islanders getting a second chance at love.

The latest season of Love Island USA premiered on July 19, 2022. It was previously hosted by Arielle Vandenberg. Zeta and Bria have some issues. Meanwhile, Timmy is a two-timing player. As always, the cast members have their own stories to tell and have some surprises to share. And what’s more, this season will feature the first-ever pair of sisters on the show! So, get ready to see more of them in the next few episodes!

The four new contestants will compete in a series of challenges, and will be paired with someone on the show they feel chemistry with. Although their partners will be assigned to a couple, they are free to pursue other contestants. Despite their differences, they are all unique and make for interesting personalities on the show. And who knows, you may even end up with a partner who makes you laugh. After all, they’re all competing for a $100,000 prize.

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