Long Time No News, Ha Yoon Bin Ex TREASURE 13 Treats Longing Through Epic Works On Private YouTube


Ha Yoon Bin, Former TREASURE 13, Finally Greeted Fans By Making Personal Social Media After A Long Time There Was No News After Deciding To Withdraw From The ‘YG Treasure Box’ Debut Line.

At the end of December 2019, YG Entertainment was known to be surprised by announcing that Ha Yoon Bin was no longer part of the ” YG Treasure Box ” debut line . YG Entertainment also canceled the debut of TREASURE 13 which contains 2 sub units namely TREASURE and MAGNUM .

YG Entertainment stated that Ha Yoon Bin chose to step down because he felt that TREASURE 13’s music did not suit him and the agency respected that. YG Entertainment finally changed the concept of TREASURE 13 with the absence of 2 sub units and TRESURE debuted as 12 members in August 2020.

After leaving YG Entertainment, Ha Yoon Bin himself was barely heard from. Even so, Ha Yoon Bin has shown support for TREASURE several times through his personal Instagram account. However, he once again disappeared and deleted his social media.

Recently, Ha Yoon Bin finally made fans happy by opening several new personal social media. Ha Yoon Bin showed moments together with his friends through his personal Instagram account.

Not only that, Ha Yoon Bin also opened a personal YouTube channel. The former YG Entertainment trainee who was born in 2000 has shown his epic rap talent in several videos on YouTube. Ha Yoon Bin’s decision to release his songs certainly managed to make fans happy.

Meanwhile, Ha Yoon Bin himself is known to be one of the new trainees who caught Yang Hyun Suk ‘s attention in “YG Treasure Box” for his rapping skills. He later became one of the chosen members of MAGNUM before finally deciding to leave YG Entertainment.







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