Kim Se Jeong Press Conference

Kim Se Jeong attended his first press conference in two years on February 25. The online event was held in support of his new drama “A Business Proposal”. Director Park Seon Ho also spoke at the event. The cast discussed the drama’s charm and sexiness. The actors also praised the new show. The upcoming drama is about a CEO who is genius and falls in love with an employee who has cheated on her identity.

kim sejeong press conference

The actors and actresses have been in love with their roles for two years now. The pair even cut their hair for the character. In the show, the actors play a deeply in love couple. The actors felt comfortable with each other and promised a work filled with entertainment and love. This is indeed a great combination. Hopefully, the public will enjoy the show. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can watch it on the big screen on February 28.

The cast of “A Business Proposal” was reunited for a press conference. The actors and actresses revealed their love for each other in the video. Both actors fell in love with their characters. They met while filming their latest series, and they immediately became comfortable with each other. They promised to make their new work filled with entertainment and love. Although, their roles are not the same, their chemistry is surprisingly similar.

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